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Gartner: Mac sales up 24% in US, outpacing industry average

updated 08:40 pm EDT, Wed July 14, 2010

Apple now holds 9.1% market share in US

Second-quarter Mac sales in the US are said to have increased by 24 percent to reach 1.7 million units, outpacing the industry average, according to a report published by Gartner Research. The analysis places Apple's domestic market share at 9.8 percent, even higher than IDC's estimate of 8.8 percent.

Both research firms agree that Apple is now within a few hundred thousand units of its nearest competitor, Acer, which has experienced flat sales compared to the same quarter last year. Although the iPad is not included in the PC sales numbers, the tablet is said to have had a negative impact on shipment numbers for netbooks.

"Surging popularity of Apple's iPad temporarily cannibalized mini-notebooks, as well as consumer notebook sales to some degree," said Gartner principal analyst Mikako Kitagawa. "It is not certain at this stage if the cannibalization will continue with the current price point of media tablets."

HP retained its top position in the US with PC sales reaching 4.6 million units, a 14 percent increase over the same period last year. Dell holds the second spot, with 4.2 million PCs, while Toshiba is at the bottom of the top five.

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  1. aardman

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Nov 2009


    cannibalize vs displace

    Okay, let's get this clear before the misuse proliferates and becomes established. iPads cannot cannibalize mini-notebooks because Apple does not make mini-notebooks so they are made by different companies. Okay? Cannibalization occurs only between products made by the same company. When the products are made by two different mfrs then the more appropriate term is 'displacement'.

  1. Dave Barnes

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    Acer should be declining

    I just read an article today about customer satisfaction/service from the major brands.
    Some company named Apple had an A.
    Some other company named Acer had a D+.
    How do you generate repeat business with a D+?

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