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RIM's BlackPad tablet launch narrowed down to November

updated 12:15 pm EDT, Fri July 30, 2010

BlackBerry tablet name, ship date may be confirmed

A potentially major rumor today has pinpointed the launch of RIM's BlackBerry tablet to November. A pair of sources said the BlackPad name registered earlier is the final name and that its screen will be roughly similar in size to the iPad. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi would let it tether to a BlackBerry to get online, though Bloomberg didn't say how independent the device would be.

The leaks today did point to the tablet linking into RIM's signature push e-mail system. One previous rumor had said it would have 1GHz processor and dual cameras, likely to provide videoconferencing for RIM's predominantly business-based audience.

The BlackPad was originally thought to be shipping in early 2011 but to have been moved up to the fall to avoid ceding share to Apple. RIM took roughly 1.5 years after the iPhone to produce its first touchscreen phone, the BlackBerry Storm, and by then had ultimately given Apple an opening to claim a large portion of the smartphone market.

On the record, RIM has refused to show its intentions with tablets, but suspicions have been raised over time that the company was caught off-guard by the unveiling of the iPad in January. It has remained partly independent of Apple's design practices and still focuses most of its efforts on non-touch devices, but the Storm was known to be a direct response to the iPhone and is now being followed up by the BlackBerry 9800 at RIM's special event next week.

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  1. Foe Hammer

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2005


    Caught Off-Guard?

    "... the company was caught off-guard by the unveiling of the iPad in January."

    Is Osama Bin Laden hiding in the same cave that houses RIM Headquarters and all of its Engineering and Operations? First their response to the iPhone, now their response to the iPad.

    Can't wait to see the BlackPlague, especially with its release purportedly now slated (no pun intended) for months earlier than originally planned. Maybe they just decided to forego a planned 5-month factory burn-in so they could release it in November rather than April. I mean, everything else will obviously be otherwise ready for prime time come November, right?

  1. cube55

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jun 2010


    Re: Caught Off Guard

    I suspect that's the author's interpretation rather than actual fact. Classic MacNN.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Nice that RIM is trying to get back money

    for its investors, but I question the availability of displays for tablets in production quantities. I must say that tablet competitors are really scrambling in short order to compete with the iPad. It took Apple years to work the concept of the iPad and these companies can push out something in a few months. I guess if a rival company has already torn apart an iPad, it probably isn't hard to duplicate it for a start and throw some extra stuff on it and say it's been in the works for much longer.

  1. Radovich

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    Blackberry are really trying to catch up with technology as apple do, though slowly, but surely; Now, all they have to do is add more free (useful) apps, Because the RIM app store just has a fraction of apps that the iPad/iPhone ecosystem possesses. But I’m puzzled; iTunes is so strict that third-party software like ifunia, who declared they are dedicated in creating affordable and easy multimedia software to simplify your Mac life, actually they did, cannot get in to it. Can you tell me why apple have so many apps, more than blackberry, and succeeded time and again? Isn’t Because of money?

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