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Apple TV to become iTV, gain apps?

updated 05:15 pm EDT, Wed August 11, 2010

Rumored update would still lack 1080p

Apple is indeed making some major overhauls to the Apple TV, a source claimed this afternoon. One of the most significant is simply a name change, to the iTV. More important, though, is the addition of apps, Engadget said. Unmentioned is whether iPad or iPhone apps will be compatible with the new device, or even if iTV titles will be distributed through the App Store.

The source adds however that the iTV will still be limited to 720p video, despite 1080p now being the de facto HD standard. The restriction is allegedly a matter of "much internal debate" at Apple, but based on the technical limits of the A4 processor, which may be too slow to handle the resolution. The iPad and iPhone 4 are also stuck at 720p.

The iTV is otherwise expected to fall in line with earlier rumors. These have called for an iPhone 4-sized device, costing $99. It could have as little as 16GB of flash storage, but this would be compensated for by the introduction of iTunes streaming, in theory providing competition for services like Netflix. An announcement of the iTV is predicted for sometime this fall.


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  1. rvhernandez

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2005


    720p is a limitation?

    It's kind of like MP3's, there is a sacrifice of ultimate quality for convenience. 1080p file/streaming size vs. 720p's - I'm guessing it a pretty big difference.

  1. 010111

    Junior Member

    Joined: Aug 2002



    any mention how they are getting around the naming issue with ITV?

    you know... the people that prevented them from using that name to begin with?

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  1. Salty

    Professional Poster

    Joined: Jul 2005


    better off

    better off with iBox or something like that... even iPox. TV is dead.

  1. cmoney

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 2000


    netflix and hulu

    now that we have netfilx and hulu apps on the iDevices, hopefully we'll get it on the iTV too.

  1. joecab

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2004


    they've already thought of a way

    The new device will be called ... iLikeToWatch :P

  1. petsounds

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2007


    called this

    Funny how I laid this out a couple months ago and everyone downranked me.
    This isn't the total story though. Apple will be using iAds in this new box, you can guarantee that. It's how they'll get the networks to play ball with tv streams.

    Considering DirecTV just announced today they'll be using Google's GoogleTV ads in their devices, this is shaping up to be yet another battlefield in the war between Apple and Google.

  1. SwissMac

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2006


    What is it with American writers?

    Just because there is no ITV in the US doesn't mean Apple will be free to use the name - it's been the name of the original British commercial TV network for over 40 years. But every time there are rumours of changes to the Apple TV the blogs and news sites come out with the same unresearched rubbish about it being called the iTV. In your dreams.

    Still, in Britain we are currently developing the CNN computer brand, the General Electric power supply utility, and the CoCa Coaler mining drill.

  1. applenut1

    Senior User

    Joined: Aug 2000


    re: iTV Name

    It wouldn't be the first time that Apple had to use a different product name internationally.

  1. Marook

    Forum Regular

    Joined: May 1999



    My original ATV runs 1080p on my Samsung LCD TV.. why would they make a future product do worse????
    S***** source!

  1. facebook_Justin

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    Joined: Aug 2010


    comment title

    I would be very interested if it includes NetFlix. I could care less about Hulu after their recent scandal trying to charge people $10 a month AND include commercials! But NetFlix would surely make me buy an iTV. And as for the name, I much prefer iTV too, lets hope Apple gets through that pathetic little public access channel and gets the name they deserve, trust me, Apple deserves it far more then the other guys that have it.

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