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Review: Samsung Wave

updated 06:40 pm EDT, Sat August 14, 2010

We test Samsung's first Bada phone

Samsung has lately taken to "owning" its smartphone experience, but it's best known for putting a layer on someone else's work. The Wave is something new: it's the first device ever to run Samsung's completely in-house Bada OS. We'll learn in our full Samsung Wave review if the mix of high-end hardware and new software gives Apple and Google reason to be worried.

By Electronista Staff


  1. imactheknife

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    reason to be worried...right buddy....freakin out right this minute...Samsung is about as good as MS when it comes to OS know how

  1. iphonerulez

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    Worried? I'm absolutely certain that Apple is

    not "worried" about any other mobile platform. I'm sure Apple is too busy concerning itself about it's own roadmap a couple of years into the future. What can Samsung possibly do since it's main strength is positioned in Asia and Samsung is already under pressure from the iPhone in its own country of S. Korea. The only "worried" one's are the writers of articles like this not getting hits unless they mention something vaguely involving Apple. I honestly can't imagine Steve Jobs being worried about some other company's mobile product since it's likely to be an iPhone clone. I'm sure Apple will take a look at Bada so see that it doesn't violate any iOS patents.

    As far as high-end hardware is concerned, is there any device Apple couldn't afford to build while sitting on a $46 billion cash reserve? Apple's main problem is component availability and the higher the quality of hardware, the less chance there is of meeting demand for millions of devices. I think that in any point in time, Apple could theoretically offer some limited version high-end iPhone at an outrageous price and could easily sell thousands of them.

  1. Paul Huang

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    Trying to be 'Bad A**', but can't even spell it ri


  1. facebook_Mihai

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    what a pity

    This would have made a pretty decent OS, if it weren't for Samsung to limit it with those stupid restrictions. After all, it is based on BSD, the same OS Darwin/Mac OS X is based on and the apps are written in native c++ code, not some stupid arse Java VM, but again, Samsung crippled the multitasking and the apps- I can only hope they will remove those limitations with the next firmware update(s). There's a serious need for someone to kick Android's arse and Samsung could have been the one.

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  1. testudo

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    Re: what a pity

    Yeah, they should take a page from Apple's iPhone book. No restrictions or limitations there!

  1. facebook_Justin

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    comment title

    Wave bye bye :)

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