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iPad, tablet demand outpacing netbooks and other PCs

updated 03:50 pm EDT, Fri August 20, 2010

Forrester sees 14pc of US wanting iPads

Demand for tablets like the iPad has reached the point where it's more popular than just about all other categories of device, Forrester discovered discovered in a research note put out late Thursday. As of June, 14 percent of shoppers online were planning to get an iPad or a similar tablet within a year where just eight percent expected to get a netbook. The demand was higher than for desktop computers (four percent), e-readers like the Kindle (11 percent) and even notebooks (13 percent).

The tablet category was one of the few to clearly be in growth, as just 1.9 percent already owned one. Netbook ownership was exactly flat and suggested that many buyers were replacing their existing systems rather than upgrading.

Although other tablets exist, Apple's device was so dominant that others were non-issues. Only 10 percent knew of tablets besides the iPad, and many of these couldn't identify an actual competitor. Many of those mentioned were either marginal, like the Archos 7 or the JooJoo, while others mentioned tablets that aren't shipping so far, such as the HP Slate.

Contrary to stereotypes, many are more likely to already have a computer, including a netbook; the iPad owner has an average of 3.6 computers where the rest own an average of exactly three. About 24 percent of iPad owners have a netbook where just six percent of the general public claims the same. General technology ownership is logically high: 69 percent have a modern game console where just 37 percent of the US could say the same.

Buyers were appropriately about three times more likely to have an iPhone or Mac, but about 73 percent of iPad users were still using Windows systems. Tablet users of all kinds were noticeably more likely to view media online, use social networks and store data online.

Forrester saw the collective effect of the iPad as triggering "tablet mania." It almost single-handedly establishing not just the category in sales but also in the public mind, which is now accepting tablets as a category even after almost a decade of Windows tablet PCs. [via Wired]

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  1. Makosuke

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    Assuming this survey is even remotely accurate, it bodes incredibly well for Apple--given that there are basically no other currently-available options in even remotely the same category as the iPad, it means that ALL of that interest is directed at the single device. It'll be interesting to see how much effect brand memory has once some real competitive Android or other mobile-OS based tablets do start shipping in volume.

    And if you're Microsoft, imagine how shaming and enraging this must be--you've been supplying the OS for devices like this for a decade, and in less than six months Apple walks in and creates a single product that not only does what your OS had utterly failed to do in the past ten years, but according to this survey is also threatening to outsell NOTEBOOKS.

    Which, given marketshare, means Windows notebooks. Meaning one of MS's major markets.

    That, that's got to be entirely terrifying if you're MS.

  1. JeffHarris

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    Zero iPad Competition Until... ?

    Microsoft has NEVER provided a true mobile OS that deviates from either the 1995 Palm Pilot model or their own Windows desktop model. A semi-hybrid OS provided an with a few mobile features... especially the MS obsession with stylus-driven interfaces, which are essentially MOUSE driven interfaces... slapped on top of XP or Vista or W7. Really, it's only laptop that can use a stylus.

    Ultimately, MS never took the time,as Apple did, to rethink the entire mobile experience top to bottom. This is where the iPad shines. And MS has NO answer for that. That includes both the iOS interface AND Apple's incredibly broad software ecosystem... music, movies, books, apps.

    Literally EVERY person, skeptical or not, I demo my iPad for WANTS one... from a friend's 4 year old to an 80 year old photographer client. I've NEVER seen a mobile device (I used Palm OS devices for about 12 years, an iPod touch for 2 years) grab people the way the iPad does.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Microsoft is going to keep trying to push

    those damn Windows 7 tablets no matter what evidence there is against them. MS seems to be caught in some sort of a time warp thinking that it's still the 1990s or something. They somehow can't see that the technology isn't there to put some unwieldy OS on a thin tablet and use it as a viable competitor against the iPad. They're either stubborn, blind or greedy to insist on selling Windows 7 licenses.

    I swear I have nothing against Windows on a decent desktop computer, but when I think of how consumers are going to have to constantly run anti-virus, anti-malware applications on a Windows tablet it just doesn't seem feasible. And any touch interface is going to have to be duct-taped on top of Windows 7 for a so-so user experience. Windows + Atom is a poor solution for any thin tablet. Any Atom doesn't stand a chance against any ARM processors for low-power operation.

  1. SwissMac

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    comment title

    Very nice and informative article. Interesting point was the number of Dell computer users planning to buy a Tablet (45%) and the number of Dell computer users planning to buy an Apple iPad (45%). I've even met HP salesmen planning to buy iPads... which is hardly a surprise, they're a great device.

    I wonder how many brilliant ideas Microsoft has shelved due to the lack of imagination of their top brass though? Microsoft can't be so dull as to never have come up with something as good as this. Can they?

  1. Neil Anderson

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    price point

    Apple's price point caught the competition flatfooted. Many believed the entry price would be double what debuted.

    Jeff Harris is right about everybody that tries an iPad wants one. I stopped taking my iPad out in public because everyone wanted to try it.

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