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Qualcomm hiring iPhone developer in possible CDMA bid

updated 02:35 pm EDT, Thu August 26, 2010

Qualcomm job hints at possible CDMA iPhone team

A discovery today suggests Qualcomm has quietly begun hiring for what could be a deeper commitment to a CDMA iPhone. A position for an iPhone Developer Guru would come onboard to "develop the most challenging product of your life." AppleInsider's finding has requirements that center primarily around iOS development, such as Xcode.

However, the experience requirements also point to more than just direct development, including support for the product lifecycle management app Agile, J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition) and other platforms. Some of the experience is to cover roles outside of the main iPhone project, such as Android, server and web work.

A CDMA iPhone is the most likely candidate for the role. Apple is rumored to have ordered millions of Qualcomm chipsets that would provide the cellular baseband for the device, which is rumored to be nearing production. Qualcomm is the single largest supplier of CDMA chipsets and wouldn't be necessary for Apple in other capacities.

Typically, Qualcomm has individuals and teams dedicated to supporting whole platforms, such as Android, its own BREW platform and Windows Mobile/Phone.

An app is a possibility but unlikely. The company has shown FLO TV working on iOS devices but has been eager to unload the division after the subscription-only mobile TV service failed to catch on at AT&T and Verizon.

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  1. facebook_Justin

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    comment title

    I've been planning on doing iPhone development for awhile now, I own a Windows-based software company and want to transition to Apple's platforms, especially iOS because of it's huge market share and the innovative features of iOS devices, but after all these CDMA nonsense rumors I've been hearing, I've decided to put it off until I could have this question answered. Will developers be able to limit their applications to the GSM iPhone? Now that these rumors are getting more and more frequent, it appears they may indeed be true, so perhaps someone can answer this? I am a major opponent of CDMA technology and refuse to allow my applications to run on any CDMA based phone of any kind. If I cannot limit my applications to iPhone GSM/iPod touch, I will not be developing for the iOS platform, so Apple, if your reading this, please include this option if you haven't already.

  1. ASIMO

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    CDMA: What's the beef?

    For what reasons are you a "major opponent of CDMA technology" when concerning developing apps?

  1. wrenchy

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    Joined: Nov 2009


    @ facebook_Justin

    >> I am a major opponent of CDMA technology and refuse to allow my applications to run on any CDMA based phone of any kind.

    Sounds like you and Apple are a match made in heaven. Excluding technologies for no good reason.

    >> so Apple, if your reading this, please include this option if you haven't already.

    Guess what, Apple doesn't care about you and your little software company. If you don't like the decisions Apple make or the way they do things... Take a hike. Go develop for Android or something. There's 100,000 more of your kind where you come from. It's the Apple way or the highway. But isn't that the way Apple followers like it? Decisions made for them?

    Just saying.

  1. nowwhatareyoulookingat

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    you will be charged with...

    writing the OS for the REAL iPhone-Killer...a CDMA phone on Verizon. You will also have to write approximately 125,000 apps for when it launches.

    Remember to think outside the box, while designing a UI that people will be able to use without needing a manual, that doesn't seem derivative of the iPhone, and write the code so it can be maintained in India where further development will be outsourced to once you ship 1.0.

  1. testudo

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    You are so anti-CDMA (for who knows what reason) that you refuse to allow any application run on it? How do you know your windows app isn't connecting to the internet via a Verizon USB card? Do you have wording in your license that if you discover someone has used your software in connection with a CDMA connection, you reserve the right to revoke their license and delete the software from their computer?

    And what is wrong with CDMA? Just some "I don't like that Verizon and the others lock their devices to it!" thing? Guess what. All those iPhones are tied to ATT's network, as is most any phone you get from ATT. And what makes ATT or T-Mobile so superior as cell companies? Should your view that CDMA is evil supercede someone who has had dealings with ATT and considers them 'evil'?

    And are you also saying people in states such as South Dakota should go without cell service at all, because ATT doesn't have service there?

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