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Amazon follows Apple with 99-cent TV shows of its own [U]

updated 06:30 pm EDT, Wed September 1, 2010

Amazon gets same ABC, Fox 99c TV rentals as Apple

(Updated with Amazon statement) Amazon today revealed that Apple's 99-cent iTunes TV rentals weren't an exclusive by offering 99-cent Amazon VOD rentals of its own. As with Apple's plans, Amazon has both ABC and Fox providing shows, although the online retailer's ability to rival iTunes is mixed. Amazon VOD can play on the web and on multiple set-top boxes like the TiVo, but only some of its shows are in HD where Apple promises 720p.

The company has been one of Apple's closer competitors in recent years. Apple only attacked Amazon's core business more directly when it launched the iPad and the iBookstore in April, but Amazon has been the next-closest competitor to iTunes in music, through Amazon MP3, and later with Amazon VOD. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has said the Kindle is in a different category and is focused much more intently on reading, but it may be concerned as many iPad buyers opt out of buying Kindles and lose potential hardware sales as a result.

Update: Amazon said the 99-cent price is for ownership, not rental, although its video is still stream-only on most set-top boxes.

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  1. iphonerulez

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    Isn't there anything that Apple can do without

    some other company copying them almost immediately? Amazon could have offered a price of $.98 just to undercut Apple's pricing.

  1. worldbfree4me

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    Joined: Apr 2010


    Own vs Rent


    Apple will only rent you the show and allow you to play it for up to 48hrs. Amazon sells you the same show for .99 (You own it) allowing you to play it forever! Which do you prefer?

  1. FastAMX79

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    update this story

    Amazon is NOT doing rentals, but allowing you to purchase at 99cents

  1. testudo

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    Amazon offers shows for 99 cents compared to Apple's 2.99?

    Wow, one wonders what benefits they're giving the studios for this.

  1. testudo

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    Joined: Aug 2001



    And this would be even better if it worked on the AppleTV!

  1. slapppy

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    At a loss

    Of course. Amazon is selling it all at a loss. Thats how they do it. Apple is not stupid. Apple needs revenue to continue developing products that these "copy cats/sell at a loss/buy one get eight free" companies simply cannot do. Amazon can and will continue to sell it with zero profit and at a loss. What a way to run a business. lol

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