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iPad may reach Target Oct. 3 to take on Kindle

updated 05:40 pm EDT, Sun September 12, 2010

iPad seen in Target's inventory system for Oct. 3

Apple may make an aggressive inroad into the Amazon Kindle's territory with an expansion into Target stores if a leak is true. Six versions of a mystery device have appeared in Target's inventory system, all of which line up with Apple's iPad pricing and which would show up October 3. The Engadget source backed up suspicions with photos of a PDA that have the devices going into the Digital Audio section of the store, where both iPods and the Kindle co-exist.

Representatives from Apple and Target weren't available to comment.

It's common for Apple to widen its retail distribution towards the end of the year for a relatively new product, as it often wants to keep sales growing by reaching new outlets at the peak sales period. The choice of Target may be a direct shot across the bow of Amazon, however, as the Kindle reached Target in June and is so far its only major e-reader option. Amazon has lately hedged its bet by offering the Kindle to Best Buy and Staples but was for the most part catching up to iPad sales that have included Best Buy since an April release.

Since competition began in earnest, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has tried to distance the Kindle and iPad by labeling the Kindle as a dedicated reader and Apple's device as a general purpose device. While mostly accurate and still largely in control of the US e-reader space, Bezos' statement downplays the risk of iPad owners refusing to use anything else for reading after they get their devices. The exclusion removes most iPad owners as possible Kindle buyers and may see the effect magnified by the iPad and Kindle sitting side-by-side in Target stores.

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  1. qazwart

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    It's not necessarily a great thing

    Unless Apple has some say about the layout, being in Target might not do too much. I saw the Kindle at Target. It was a demo unit running some sort of ad video. It looked like a cheap piece of carp (he said getting around the censor).

    The display looked cheap, and you couldn't hold the unit or flip though pages. This is not what the iPad needs.

  1. drumrobot

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    The photo says $600, not $500.

  1. candyer


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    Target getting iPads Oct. 3

    Mediocre tech-blogging FTW haha. Mark - if you really must blog about Apple, here's some advice for you - set some standards for yourself. No one wants to know whether you think "meh" or "blah" about a news headline, so next time just keep it behind the keyboard.
    PS: I have some other good APPS from aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.

  1. macnnoel

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    Who comes up with this c***???

  1. testudo

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    So now Apple is so concerned over the Kindle they're rushing into Target stores? Could this not just be Apple's plan, and the store just also happens to sell Kindles? (For there doesn't seem to be a mention of Apple getting into any other tablet or device territory at Target).

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