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Apple posts iOS 4.2 beta for iOS, supports HP printers

updated 01:20 pm EDT, Wed September 15, 2010

iOS 4.2 in beta as HP printers get AirPrint

Apple today released a beta version of iOS 4.2 to developers that adds support for AirPrint, its new name for the wireless printing feature unveiled with iOS 4.2 at the start of the month. The feature finds any printers connected to the local Wi-Fi network and, when supported, prints without needing any special setup. The approach also allows for printing from a printer shared from a Mac or Windows computer.

AirPrint will work with any iOS device that already supports iOS 4 and is still slated to arrive in November.

In posting the beta, however, Apple noted that the initial plans will only explicitly support HP's ePrint line, such as the e-All-in-One. The printers had originally been limited to iOS printing through e-mail but will support direct printing through iOS 4.2. Other companies have yet to line up, and it's unclear whether the printers are the only ones compatible or if others will work without Apple's blessing.

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  1. bobolicious

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    Would anyone like to see multi-user... & fast user switching...?

  1. danangdoc

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    Printing is essential to adoption...

    We've been waiting for this for a long, long time. Way overdue, but..........

    1. Apple's iPhone 4 and iPads had better be able to support a variety of wireless printers, or at least give users and/or developers a place to configure the appropriate print driver.
    2. "Some" HP printers? Mine is a year old, and the iPhone needs to continue to support it.
    3. Business users, students, and everyone else wants and needs the ability to print on the fly. Otherwise the option is to keep buying cheap PC laptops that will do the job.

    The technology exists to be able to format text, spreadsheets, etc. to print directly to a wifi printer from the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Someone just needs to get on the stick and get it done! How about an app where you select your printer model, and click for setup? Surely the company that sells us f***-Apps can deliver some real technology!

    Just a rant, but HP's "iPrint" app for OS 4.1 does not work. I see other users with the same problem. I downloaded the updated app on my Gen 1 iPod Touch, and it works. The same version of iPrint stopped working when I updated my iPhone to 4.1 last week. Obviously an HP issue, and we all hope to see a fix for that soon.

  1. facebook_Lucas

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    comment title

    You can try iOS 4.2 here:

  1. testudo

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    Re: Printing is essential

    Printing isn't essential. At most it's a nice to have.

    Did you miss the part that the digital revolution could be used to reduce the paper clutter? It's like people printing emails to read them.

    Print is dead, Apple should not waste too much time on it. And they certainly shouldn't cruft up their OS with 6000 printer drivers.

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