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Samsung Galaxy Tab official for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mo, Verizon

updated 07:15 pm EDT, Thu September 16, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab confirmed for US launch

Samsung at its special event tonight confirmed plans to ship the Galaxy Tab to the US through all major carriers. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon will all have versions of the seven-inch Android tablet. All of them will share the 1GHz processor, built-in 3G, front and back cameras and skinned Android 2.2 of the European edition.

Most changes will be limited to software. AT&T's version will have an app to streamline connecting to Wi-Fi as well as an AT&T Radio app. Verizon's additions are more substantial and will bring its Rhapsody-based V Cast Music store, its Video on Demand service and VZ Navigator as well as preloaded copies of the games Let's Golf and a port of the iOS game NOVA. It will also have a deep blue back to stand out instead of the reference Galaxy Tab's white.

Despite the simultaneous unveilings, all of the carriers involved have so far avoided committing to the launches. None have given pricing or provided a specific date for the tablet; Verizon expects a release in "coming weeks," while AT&T has implied a long delay and will only pledge itself to "coming months." The iPad-style keyboard dock and a GPS will cost $100, and the HDMI will cost $50. European pricing is over $1,000 for an unsubsidized model and may point to very high prices, though US carriers will subsidize the price on a contract.

The release nonetheless represents the first major competitor to the iPad to reach US soil. Competition with Apple has so far been limited to small firms like Augen and Velocity Micro that have usually focused on the budget end. Whether or not it succeeds is unclear, however. Samsung has said it's considering developing a Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab, but if locked to a cellular data plan it may be passed over by customers unwilling to pay several hundred dollars for two years of service. Apple's success is partly credited to having a cheaper Wi-Fi iPad and selling the 3G version unlocked, so that customers only have to pay for the data they use.

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  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    "Samsung announced that the U.S. versions of its Android 2.2 Froyo powered Galaxy Tab tablet will not offer voice capabilities. The European version of the device allows users to place voice calls with a speakerphone or headset, but it appears these feature were removed from the U.S. models"

    Oh well, so much for that theory, what a mistake they just made.


  1. SockRolid

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    Word's Most Expensive iClone

    The Galaxy Tab goes for £799 in the UK. Guess what folks. That's the equivalent of $1,247.27 here in the US. So yeah, I can see why Samsung might be looking for carrier subsidies.

    So let's say it goes for, oh, I dunno, how about $399 with a 2 year contract. Apple could sell subsidized iPads, with 10" screens, for the same price. Boom. And the nuclear option would be to keep the low-end 2010 iPad around and sell it for $299. KA-BOOOOOM.

  1. SockRolid

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    Two more things...

    That would be 799 GBP in the first sentence of my previous comment. And I meant "keep the low-end 2010 iPad around through all of 2011 and sell it for $299."

  1. bonaccij

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    I just can't see why someone would pay $399 and have to have a 2 year contract on a 7" unit vs $499 period for a 10" model. It just doesn't make sense. It makes even less sense when you realize that the version of Android it is shipping with isn't even the supported version from Google for tablet systems. This all seems like a big Samsung "Me too!" moment. It doesn't appear to be very well thought out at all.

  1. lamewing

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    vs. iPad

    Unless Samsung (and others) bring something SIGNIFICANT to the tablet, the iPad (even with its limitations) will reign supreme.

    If these other companies cannot provided a contract-free device at a reasonable price, they will fail to make a dent in the iPad sales or capture the consumers' hearts and minds.

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