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Apple's supplier orders extending out as far as early 2011

updated 03:50 pm EDT, Mon September 20, 2010

Apple facing heavy orders, Moto making 5-6 phones

Apple's device orders are so heavy that it's already asking suppliers for orders as distant as early 2011, assemblers and chipset makers said on Monday. iPad, iPhone, iPod and MacBook demand is strong enough that Apple is scheduling orders into next year. The contacts didn't give Digitimes numbers or to say which models were the most affected.

Anonymous contacts in the phone industry did say iPhone orders would go up in the fall.

The news while unverified would back a Kaufmann Bros. report from earlier today that estimated Apple could ship up to 5.7 million iPads in just the summer, 3.8 million Macs and 11.5 million iPhones. All three would be records for Apple.

Simultaneously, the handset insiders expected an uptick for HTC and that Motorola's own resurgence as a smartphone contender would continue towards the end of the year, with five to six new Android models due by the end of the year. What these would involve wasn't said, though the Droid 2 World Edition and international Milestone 2 are both known to be coming by the end of the year. [image via Anthony Sigalas]

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  1. iphonerulez

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    Holy c***...

    a "perfect storm" is brewing. Apple continues to open retail stores and should easily keep them packed come holiday time this year. If the iPad doesn't win "computing device of the year", then I guess I'm just a stupid Apple fanboi. Nothing else should even come close to it.

  1. imagine engine

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    Can't meet demand then they shouldn't expand.

    If Apple can't meet demand then they shouldn't expand.

    Apple in China: Welcome to the iPhone 4 launch.

    China: What do you mean there's only 10 iPhone 4 being sold at the launch? There's over 1000 people standing in line for the iPhone 4. Didn't you expect this when there's over a billion Chinese people living here?

    Apple in China: I apologize but that's all the iPhone 4 stock that was shipped by Apple. We may get more in a few months. Please check back later.

    China: Can you tell me when you would expect to get shipments for the iPhone 4?

    Apple in China: Sorry, we're not allowed to disclose that information. Apple would prefer you line up for hours before we open to be told that we're out of stock so as to build hype over the product.

    Canada, UK, etc: Welcome to our world.

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