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Pixel Qi prepping seven-inch screen, delayed by iPad effect

updated 03:05 pm EDT, Mon September 20, 2010

E-readers and tablets inbound from partners

Pixel Qi have issued a status update stating that they are currently ready a seven-inch screen for tablets and e-readers set for mass production in the first half of 2011. Blaming tight supply, 100 per cent factory usage, and the "disruptive" effect of the iPad, the company stated that the situation has "eased" and that they in a position to ramp up production of their new displays.

According to Pixel Qi, partners having been using the delay in the planned arrival of the seven-inch screen to refine their tablets and e-readers to better differentiate them from the iPad. They company has also taken the opportunity to take a swipe at Apple's tight partnership with AT&T by stating that their partners would also offer a wider range of carriers than currently offered by Apple, further differentiating them.

They claim that the advantages of their screens include dramatic power savings (although not stating when compared with what) as well as lighter devices by saving on battery weight. They also purport that their screens are readable in any lighting conditions, since they behave more like e-paper and don't need a backlight.

The seven-inch screen will follow Pixel Qi's 10.1-inch 3Qi screen that is due to feature in shipping products before the end of 2010.

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  1. Bobfozz

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    They are hyping their launch, not the product.

  1. iphonerulez

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    You'd better believe there are going to be

    tight supplies, with every tablet vendor and it's mother trying to grab a limited supply of components. There is no way there's going to be enough components to go around to give any iPad rival high-production runs. Every tablet company should be experiencing what Pixel Qi is as far as supplies are concerned. Apple can afford to lock down everything for its own production, leaving most suppliers devoid of components. Apple has already scheduled extra factory use to keep the iPad supply up. Although, I'm not sure if Foxconn can still turn them out fast enough. Damn, that's a good problem in some ways. Shortages were what I expected and that should shut up this nonsense about 20 tablet rivals appearing all at once.

    By getting an early start with the iPad, Apple practically has everything in place with rivals just sucking fumes. By the time most rivals get tablet production going in full swing, iPad 2 will be rearing its head.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    just like the iphone right?

    @iphonerulez, just like Apple locked down all production for cellphone components, and prevented any competition from appearing against the iPhone?

    Oh thats right, that didn't happen. Maybe you should try again, with you know, some logic?

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