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Dell to ship 7-inch tablet in weeks, 10-inch within a year

updated 10:05 am EDT, Wed September 29, 2010

Dell says 7-inch Android tablet ships soon

Dell's mainland China President Amit Midha today said the company's seven-inch Android tablet would ship much sooner than expected. The slate should arrive sometime in the "next few weeks" for an unknown price. A well-known 10-inch model should arrive within six to 12 months, he also told Dow Jones.

There will also be three-, four- and secondary 10-inch devices coming, with the three-inch device coming roughly at the same time as the seven-inch Android hardware. Some of these will be using Windows, Midha said. One of these should be the four-inch Lightning, a Windows Phone 7 vertical slider.

Chrome OS is still only being considered, the executive added.

The release schedule is much faster than for the Streak and suggests much more active interest in tablets than for much of the past year. The five-inch device was shown to us in January but only shipped seven months later, still using the same Android 1.6 release that it had when it appeared at the CES technology expo. A much faster seven-inch release would help stem the effect of the iPad, which was unveiled after the Streak but still managed to ship over four months earlier.

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  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    1.6 Android hurt the Streak

    Dell, in case you are impossibly niave - which I hope not, but you are acting as if you are - let me tell 'you' (because Dell is reading macnn daily, hahaha)....

    We, the american consumers, cannot assume the carrier will do an OTA to a later version of Android.

    Here is what happens, and I'll use Blackberry (and BB OS) as an example, but the thinking will apply to Dell & Android, we don't have a track record for you in the cell business of any length.

    So - RIM announces BB OS 6 is coming out. Then eventually they announce the legacy devices they've decided to support. Most users are cut out, right then - but if you are lucky enough to make the cut, guess what OS 6 won't be released for months. Many months after that, the carriers will start evaluating it. A year later, they'll decide so much time has past, nobody is still waiting on it - so they don't release it at all.

    Even if you made the first cut, you may never make the second cut. But even if you make both the first and second cut, you are waiting a seriously long may get BB OS 6, about the time BB OS 7 has been released.

    Now every Chinese no-nothing in the world has Android 2.2 running on their generic phone and tablet, its on sale on e-bay already - you, meanwhile, got stuck on 1.6 - not a good sign already.
    Now we are supposed to trust, not just you but the entire supply change to get together and manage an OTA update to 2.2 before 3.0 is already the standard?

    Hardly - get your act together.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Dell has probably been able to get

    some short production run, but likely a very limited amount of tablets. Dell probably doesn't have any idea when they can get production for the 10" tablets just like the rest of the Android tablet vendors. 10" displays must be hard to come by.

  1. charlituna

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    the clock is ticking

    all these guys have 4 weeks at the most to get their stuff onto the US sales floors for folks to see and play with and for reviewers to start talking them up.


    Black Friday. Biggest shopping day of the year. It's the do or die day. And folks rarely to never buy electronics without first hand experience or a ton of glowing reviews. Particularly when they have been seeing 'ipad this' and 'ipad that' for months.

  1. shawnde

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    That's funny ...

    Dell's mainland China president is Indian? He better be fluent in Mandarin, otherwise, it's hard to perform his duties :-) Only a company as stupid as Dell, wouldn't hire a local (whose familiar with the culture, language, economics, business, etc.).

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