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Steve Jobs: Meizu "stole our ideas"

updated 01:05 pm EDT, Sun October 10, 2010

Apple's Jobs explains Meizu shut down

Apple chief Steve Jobs responded to questions surrounding the freeze of Meizu's M8 sales in an e-mail late last evening. The executive, whose e-mail headers were verified through MeizuMe, offered just a terse response that accused the Chinese company of deliberate theft. It's "because they stole our ideas and intellectual property," Jobs said.

The specific points that led China's Intellectual Property Office to halt M8 production and marketing still aren't clear, but the device was originally conceived as a direct response to the 2007 iPhone and had its first mockup designs released just weeks after Macworld showing a design that was at least superficially reminiscent of Apple's hardware. In final form, it resembled the iPhone 3G and was most likely one of the targets of the suit. Initial OS layer designs also borrowed very heavily from Apple, although the final UI for the late 2008 Windows Mobile release had only some similarities to the finished product.

The upcoming M9 will run a heavily customized version of Android and has a design that's more recognizably different than the iPhone.

Meizu has accused Apple of bullying and has raised the possibility of a lawsuit to counteract Apple, but the financial impact of an M8 shutdown would be relatively small with the M9 as close as two months away.

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  1. facebook_Carl

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    Here, I'll help with some out since it looks like the Electronista staff forgot the source:

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  1. facebook_David

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    Joined: Oct 2010


    Oh really?

    So I guess you don't stand with this comment anymore, Mr. Jobs?

  1. qazwart

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    Too Close to the iPhone?

    It's one thing when your work is "inspired" by someone else, but the M8 was a dead ringer for the iPhone. As soon as the first prototypes came out, people called it an iPhone copy.


    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    Good Job Mr. Jobs

    I am glad the copycats have been shutdown. They stole Apple's intellectual property and are lucky they are not going to jail for that. But then the Chinese govt. is not know for stopping chinese companies from stealing from American companies.

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  1. wrenchy

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    steals everyone's ideas. All industries, all applications. Does Apple really feel like they are threatened by these guys?

  1. jay3ld

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    They toke our´╗┐ derrrrrbs!

    Dey Tuk R Jarbs!

  1. vintagegeek

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    WHITE iPhone

    Hey ever going to sell the WHITE iPhone again.

  1. testudo

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    Re; Good Job Mr. Jobs

    I am glad the copycats have been shutdown. They stole Apple's intellectual property

    Technically, they didn't steal anything. There was no break-in at Apple headquarters.

    At beat they copied their ideas. But just like how people will argue that download music through bittorrent isn't 'stealing' since they aren't taking it from someone, you can't 'steal' ideas.

    Now, saying they copied them, that's a different story.

    and are lucky they are not going to jail for that. But then the Chinese govt. is not know for stopping chinese companies from stealing from American companies.

    And who exactly in the US has ever gone to jail for 'stealing' intellectual property?

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    Ideas can't be stolen

    The telephone was the idea of Alexander Graham Bell, not Steve Jobs.
    The cell phone was the idea of Doctor Martin Cooper, not Steve Jobs.
    The smartphone era, arguably was kicked off by the fellows at Palm, not Apple.

    The reality is, you can have an idea to make an improvement on the Smartphone - what Steve Jobs did, what Miezu did, is not called 'stealing'.

    It's normal in society to advance the standard, based on work that went before.

    What you can't do, is copy copyrighted work, but Miezu did no such thing. These Chinese companies are not copying iOS - they are using, in this case WinMo - which far predates iOS.

    No stealing occurred, one big company just bullied a smaller one. Period, end of story.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    Whats going on with the fake comments?

    Whats going on these days with the concerted effort to up-score unintelligent fanboyism, and to downscore critical work of Apple?

    Is it an independent fanboy effort, or is Apple actually paying to manipulate comments now?

    Even just a few weeks ago, we didn't bury intelligent comments, and give +30 to the most inane chatter, as we see nowadays on macnn.

    That's, without any doubt, artificial.

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