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Microsoft giving Windows Phone 7 devices to AT&T staff

updated 06:45 pm EDT, Fri October 15, 2010

Microsoft gives WP7 phones to ATT workers

Microsoft may be turning to giving AT&T workers free Windows Phone 7 devices to spur acceptance. One employee said that the company gave out about 100 devices to those attending an event in Minneapolis. He didn't know if it was a US-wide policy, but he suggested that it was an attempt by Microsoft to guarantee that staff were experienced ahead of the November 8 debut.

"Looks like Microsoft really wants the employees to all have WP7 in their hands," employee Mando said.

Which phones and the designated workers weren't mentioned, although the Samsung Focus (pictured) is officially the first to ship. AT&T has been asked for comment but hadn't had an opportunity to respond as of the initial news post.

The strategy is relatively rare in the industry and may be following the approach taken by Apple. When the iPhone first launched in June 2007, Apple gave free 8GB iPhones to all of its full-time workers, whether professional or retail, both as a reward for their work and to familiarize them with the platform along with customers. Microsoft has been quick to treat WP7 as a complete restart of its platform and is known to be eager to prove that the OS can compete against its intended Android and iPhone rivals.

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  1. sammaffei

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    They have to get somebody to like it... don't they?

  1. redcapzero

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    Ya know...

    the sound made when ones tounge exits, is pursed between lips while lightly exhalling, creating a (overt) rasping sound, well I cannot spell it, sorry.

  1. jfelbab

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    I thought that was not allowed.

    I believe I recall that AT&T had a policy of not allowing employees to accept gifts from vendors. Anyone form AT&T want to verify this?

  1. SierraDragon

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    Not a gift...

    Giving an employee a WP7 phone is a liability, not a gift.

  1. Foe Hammer

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    Interestingly Enough ...

    ... the employees who were absent that day were given two, three, four and in a couple of cases a dozen WP7s.

    In totally unrelated news, many AT&T employees were unable to produce the WP7s gifted to them by Microsoft within hours afterwards. Microsoft takes the fact that these employees were so eager to adopt the WP7 that they snuck out of work and immediately ran it back to their homes for safekeeping as a very positive sign.

  1. Daniel Rubino

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    Please don't steal our stories


    You did not attribute this story from its original source. Please stop lifting out work without attribution.

    Daniel Rubino/wpcentral

  1. philomath777

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    WP7 outsells Zune already!

    WIth the WP7 give-away, Microsoft reports that the WP7 has already outsold the Zune. To celebrate, Microsoft will be releasing a special edition brown Zune t*** WP7, personally autographed by Steve Ballmer, once he learns how to write.

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