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HyperMac stops sales of MagSafe adapters after Apple lawsuit

updated 06:55 am EDT, Mon October 18, 2010

Battery will continue to be sold without adapters

HyperMac has announced that it will cease selling its external battery supply unit with MagSafe adapters. According to Sanho, the parent company of HyperMac, the move is in direct response to the lawsuit brought against it by Apple. In its open letter, notably bereft of references to the MagSafe trademark, HyperMac states that 'As part of our ongoing comprehensive negotiations with Apple regarding a wide array of technologies and issues, we have decided to cease the sale of Macbook charging cables and car charger on November 2, 2010.'

HyperMac states that they will continue to sell the batteries without the MagSafe adapters for Macbooks and Apple 30 pin cables, beyond the November 2 deadline. The battery will be good for charging iPads and iPhones with a user supplied cable, but as there is no alternative for the HyperMac's unauthorized MagSafe adapter, Macbook users will find little use for the device. [via HyperShop]

By Electronista Staff
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  1. efithian

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2004


    What do we do now?

    I have a MBP that I take on trips. In order to charge the MBP in the car, I must carry a heavy inefficient 12v to 110v inverter. Apple does not offer a magsafe auto adapter, nor do they allow anyone else to a make one. Apple does sell an airline adapter. How about making it compatible with 12v auto power? Better yet, license the magsafe adapter to others for specific applications that Apple chooses to not address.

  1. Inkling

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    A sad illustration....

    This is a sad illustration that, beneath the surface glitter of Apple innovation, beats the heart of a control-obsessed, lawyer-hiring monopolist who wants (when possible) to be our only source of a product, although in this case, as efithian notes, Apple doesn't even bother to make the product. They simply want to keep someone else from making it.

    I've got two iGo power AC/DC power packs. Using them would mean I no longer had to juggle my sole MacBook power brick. I could have one in the office, one for on-the-go, and one for the den. But no, I can't do that. Why? Because Apple in its infinite wisdom won't license a $10 adapter (already developed by iGo) that'd make that $200 worth of gadgetry functional. Disgusting.

    As Lord Acton observed over a century ago: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." Clearly, Apple and Jobs have too much power. I may have an iPhone and two Macs, but I've begun to root for Droid and Microsoft give give Apple some much needed competition. Only then is it likely to behave.

  1. ethical_paul

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    Heavy inefficient inverter?

    What is this, 1989?

    Get a new inverter. Mine is small, light and efficient and comes with usb ports and everything.

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