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CDMA iPhone in final test stage, still carrying SIM slot?

updated 04:20 pm EDT, Mon October 18, 2010

Verizon iPhone may be in last testing stages

The CDMA-based iPhone expected for Verizon is in the very last stages of testing before it moves on to production, a news tip claimed today. What's known in Apple's profiling system as iPhone 3,2 has supposedly entered the "AP" phase of testing, which involves final hardware and only some polish necessary for software. As confirmed in the past, BGR noted that Apple usually undergoes a rough Engineering Validation Test (EVT) and a Design Validation Test (DVT, the stolen iPhone 4's stage) beforehand.

Unusually, the design is still said to have a SIM card slot and thus some kind of GSM support. If still a CDMA model, it could be a 'universsal' device with 3G on both AT&T and Verizon by running new Qualcomm chipsets. It could also be a stereotypical dual-mode Verizon phone with some HSPA-based 3G stripped out or even a new spin of the GSM iPhone 4 to minimize the well-known "death grip" issue. iPhone 3,3 has been mentioned in the past and could let Apple have two new takes on the iPhone 4 in the works.

The fifth-generation iPhone is also solidifying and has just entered the EVT phase, the source said. Apple usually unveils any new hardware in late spring or early summer.

The increasing consensus has pointed to Apple mass-producing CDMA iPhones in the last few weeks of 2010 with a launch on Verizon early next year, possibly in January. Doubts have persisted about the collaboration, but a deal to sell iPads at Verizon stores has given other leaks significantly more credibility.

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  1. Fast iBook

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    Old news really. They are not going to chop a leg off in terms of making frames and circuit boards, one supply stream, one phone.

    - A

  1. aristotles

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    Assuming there is any truth to this...

    This proves that it is NOT a Verizon or Sprint phone. Asian CDMA carriers use a SIM called a CSIM whereas North American CDMA2000 standard phones do not.

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