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Greenpeace ranks drop Apple to 9th as HP, Samsung advance

updated 02:05 pm EDT, Tue October 26, 2010

Greenpeace says Apple, Toshiba, Nintendo lagging

Greenpeace in its latest Greener Electronics guide saw major shifts that most affected Apple. The company fell from fifth place to ninth simply by failing to advance its score beyond the earlier 4.9 score. While Apple still earned a high score for eliminating BFRs and PVC plastic from its hardware, it was criticized for a lack of information on its policies. The company hasn't provided enough information on how it manages chemicals, communication in the supply chain or how it plans to phase out any more toxic chemicals, Greenpeace said.

The Mac maker was also docked for not taking a stance on banning bromine compounds and organo-chlorines in the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) 2.0 spec.

Apple has routinely claimed supremacy in environmental impact as it believes the products and their recycling matter more in the total ecosystem than other companies, which often focus on their facilities and packaging rather than the products themselves. Most Macs have shells dominated by aluminum and glass where lower-end computers from most rivals focus on plastic or less recyclable metals.

In contrast, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Philips and Samsung have moved up multiple places, with Samsung making a particularly dramatic leap from near the bottom, at 13th, to fifth place. It finally began bringing in BFR- and PVC-free devices this year while reducing the amounts in other devices, and was clearer on phase out dates for toxins even if it delayed its plans for computers by a year.

Several companies slid back, however, including Motorola, Sharp, LG and Toshiba. The companies lower in the ranks were criticized primarily for backtracking on previous promises, scaling back their plans, and in Toshiba's case, only warning that it wouldn't meet a goal after the goal deadline had already passed.

Greenpeace continued to reserve the most criticism for console makers, dropping Microsoft to second-last after it backed away from a commitment to purge BFRs and PVCs and hasn't provided enough information on its phase-out plans. Nintendo was still in last place for doing nothing about electronics waste and actually increasing its carbon dioxide emissions despite a promise to cut them down.

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  1. eldarkus

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    I read "greenpeace..." then fell asleep

  1. ctt1wbw

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    All of these computers are made out of the same exact materials. How can one be more "green" (whatever the f*** that means) than the other?

  1. peter02l

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    New Report

    Greenpeace should rate themselves and their carbon footprint. They create more waste and greenhouse gasses than anything else they do.

  1. mytdave

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    who the h*** cares? apple does a good job of making some of the most 'green' products on the planet. they don't report to greenpeace.

  1. jared79

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    Not again

    Why is Green Peace even an authority on anything, they are an activist group. Who cares what they think, they are no bodies. The only thing that will please them is if we all die and I'm serious about that.

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