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AT&T: T-Mobile's '4G' claim is wrong, our HSPA+ is larger

updated 06:10 pm EDT, Wed November 3, 2010

ATT disputes T-Mobile HSPA plus claims

AT&T today took issue with some of T-Mobile's HSPA+ claims. The carrier not only noted that its now launching network has a peak of 21Mbps, not the 14.4Mbps argued by T-Mobile. It likewise disagreed with T-Mobile's insistence that its network was the largest, since AT&T's HSPA+ was potentially reachable by 180 million users today versus T-Mobile's 140 million.

T-Mobile plans to expand its reach to 200 million by the end of the year, but AT&T said its own service would reach 250 million Americans in a similar timeframe.

The assertions by T-Mobile have drawn controversy since HSPA+ by its nature is not 4G but instead a variant of 3G. T-Mobile has based most of the claims on its ability to outperform Sprint's 10Mbps maximum WiMax service, but 4G is widely considered to be LTE by most carriers and is officially defined by the ITU as being services that can get over 100Mbps in practice, like WiMAX 2.

T-Mobile's primary advantage is in phones, as it's the only carrier in the US with HSPA+ phones that include both the myTouch 4G and the G2. AT&T said it would have HSPA+ phones in the future but hasn't given a timeline. Most expect these to arrive in 2011. Current AT&T hardware, including the iPhone 4 and all but one modem, peak at 7.2Mbps.

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  1. SMacSteve

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    Okay, whatever AT&T. You're network sucks big donkey balls. Just admit it.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Mine's bigger than yours!

    Rivals go at each other in a pissing contest. Nothing unusual.

  1. facebook_Justin

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    comment title

    XD, the largest? Instead of focusing on getting 4G c*** all over, why not focus on getting 2G working in all areas, huh T-Mobile? Little ridiculous I cant get a signal at a major college...

  1. B9bot

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    Both should focus on a good signal FIRST!

    Both carriers should focus on good coverage everywhere and a good signal first before they go off with there WORTHLESS CLAIMS! AT&T should get it's 3G signal working before claiming other stuff. And I'm not talking about those worthless boosters that you have to spend even more money on to put in your house. There worthless to, hardly covering 1 room and costing another $20 a month on top of your regular cell bill.

  1. testudo

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    ATT Whining

    How come it seems that ATT is like the only company that comes out and tries to 'defend' itself against scurrilous claims in an advertisement? You'd think they were feeling threatened by little ol' T-Mobile, like they were of Verizon.

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