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comScore: Android took share from all but iPhone

updated 12:30 pm EDT, Wed November 3, 2010

comScore shows iPhone flat in Q3 2010, Android up

Apple's record iPhone 4 sales helped keep Android from taking its US market share in the summer, comScore said today. Apple's American share stayed flat at 24.3 percent and let it keep its share where every other smartphone maker lost ground to devices using Android. Google has jumped from 14.9 percent in the spring to 21.4 percent now, but all of the decline came from RIM, Microsoft and Palm.

The BlackBerry was still top in the smartphone field but fell from 40.1 percent of the US down to 37.3 percent. Windows Mobile's phaseout in favor of Windows Phone led it to drop from 12.8 percent to exactly 10 percent. Palm's combined webOS and PalmOS share faced the least decline but was still down half a point to 4.2 percent.

Among the total phone base, only RIM's share was enough to make it the only smartphone-only company to enter the top five for all phone makers, but it gained half a point of share to reach 9.3 percent mostly on the weaknesses of most of the top five. Besides RIM, only Samsung gained total share and moved up to 23.5 percent. LG (21.1 percent), Motorola (18.4 percent) and Nokia (7.4 percent) all lost ground. Apple wasn't mentioned in the overall phone list but may be just out of the top five.

Most platforms are continuing to add new users even as market share declines, but the results suggested most new Android buyers were switching away from an old platform. Verizon was the primary BlackBerry provider in the US until Android and is known to have dealt RIM a blow by officially favoring phones like the Motorola Droid over the BlackBerry Storm and other one-time favorites. Apple's limitation to a single US carrier has been considered a liability as it has given Google the opportunity to push Android without having direct competition from the iPhone on the same network.

As part of the study, comScore added that advanced phone use was up, with increases in texting, web and app use, social networking, games and music. Smartphones are still in the relative minority as only 33.1 to 35.1 percent use apps or the web.

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