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LG tablet due early 2011 with Honeycomb, built as iPad rival

updated 11:35 am EDT, Wed November 3, 2010

LG Android tablet using Honeycomb to target Apple

An LG executive today confirmed that the company's upcoming Optimus Pad would not only be a showcase for Android but was designed from the start to take on the iPad. The 8.9-inch slate should launch in the first quarter of 2011 and will ship with Honeycomb, now widely believed to be the true Android 3.0 build. The software is the "tablet PC" version of Google's OS, LG told MK.

Google has never formally detailed what Honeycomb would entail other than acknowledging its presence, but it has advised against using Android 2.2 and made no mention of a change in Gingerbread. A lack of native tablet support has been considered a weakness of Android and a limitation of the Galaxy Tab. LG chose to skip Android 2.2 likely for similar reasons.

When it ships, the Optimus Pad is expected to use a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

The LG manager also acknowledged indirectly that his company's tablet was a direct reaction to the iPad. It created a "taskforce" in early 2010 to design the tablet, around when Apple was unveiling its design. It has also been focusing on incorporating feedback from European and North American residents, both have whom have been the most eager iPad adopters.

While the Optimus Pad should be just one of many Android tablets launching in the period, the official reiterated that LG's model is designed to be more productive than the iPad. Most tablets are focused on content consumption like books and videos, but the Optimus Pad should be "more diverse," he said.

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  1. dwoodruff

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    Does anyone else find it strange, but every time apple creates a new product, every other tech company has to rush to create their version, which, coincidentally, looks exactly like Apple's.

    Do they have any innovation, or more importantly, pride?

  1. iphonerulez

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    Another tablet that will supposedly be much

    more productive than the iPad. Yeah, maybe iPad 1.0 but I doubt if it will have anything on iPad 2.0. I don't really understand these claims that the iPad isn't productive. I know that some people produce content on their iPads. At least LG admits that they started to make plans for a tablet near the time Apple revealed theirs. Still, LG is taking less than a year to formulate tablet plans which certainly wouldn't be considered long-range planning before release. At least Apple has done most of their research for them and they can build on that.

    The planned processor hardware seems like it could do some heavy lifting. I'd like to see how efficient those dual-core processors are.


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    This product is destined to be available at a 90% discount on so don't waste your money and pay full retail.

  1. coffeetime

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    Color TV

    This is like the first color TV when it came out, everyone will start to copy and make their own color TV. The same goes to SONY Walkman..... everyone followed after that. The different here is iTunes is the main broadcaster and only iOS can utilize it.

  1. PRoth

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    Terrible name, no?

    Might as well have called it a sutcher.

  1. testudo

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    Re: OMG...

    Does anyone else find it strange, but every time apple creates a new product, every other tech company has to rush to create their version, which, coincidentally, looks exactly like Apple's.

    Well, do you find it strange that you think this only applies to Apple products, which it doesn't?

    Did you mock Apple for coming out with a cell phone in 2007, like 20 years after the first one appeared?

    Well, I'm sure you mocked Apple for coming out with a two-button mouse a couple of years ago, 15+ years after they became popular. Oh, no, because that was 'innovative' by being a no-button mouse.

    Did you mock Apple for not being innovative with the UI because they went out and bought the IP from a company that was doing multi-touch and gestures work?

    And do you get on the case and mock all those people who mock the other companies for not having any type of competition for the iPad, since, well, if they made competition, they'd be just copying Apple's idea and embarrassing themselves, so it would be better for those companies to just not get into the market at all.

    Oh, that's right. So we highlight the differences when we need to (when Apple's not 'first') and highlight the sameness when Apple is the 'leader'.

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