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Samsung: Galaxy Tab sales 'quite good' at 1 million in 2010

updated 08:00 am EDT, Thu November 4, 2010

Samsung expects 1m Galaxy Tab sales in all 2010

Samsung today said it expected one million Galaxy Tab sales over all of 2010. The firm's mobile division leader JK Shin said early results for the tablet were "quite good" and that Samsung was "confident" it would pass the million-unit figure before the end of the year. The Android slate launched in its native Korea on Thursday after a limited European release and is due to reach the US next week.

The million-unit release should be enough to make the Galaxy Tab the most popular Android tablet on the market but will still give Samsung just a fraction of the sales of the iPad the Android tablet was designed to challenge. Apple's 4.19 million iPad sales gave it 95.5 percent of tablets this past summer alone with Android tablets making up just 2.3 percent. The iPad's yearly tally is also likely to be much higher as Apple has already sold almost 7.5 million in its first two quarters and is likely to go well over 10 million after holiday sales.

Android's currently small share is at least partly due to the operating system. Google has warned developers that Android 2.2 isn't tablet ready and has suggested that most should wait for a future release such as Honeycomb before making the leap. The tablet-optimized OS isn't believed to be shipping until early 2011.

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  1. iphonerulez

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    These fools just won't wait for Google...

    Please tell me why would they go ahead and try to deliver what is basically an unfinished product to consumers? Samsung must be saying "It's good enough for consumers as they're probably too stupid to know the difference." I would figure releasing the Tab without the proper OS would be a pain to developers, too. It's really just a matter of greed and pride. They want to grab market share from Apple and cash in on the easy money and feel they shouldn't be beaten out by Apple when they think they can make a better product than Apple. It'll probably wind up biting them in their a** if consumers aren't satisfied.

  1. cmoney

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    Re: These fools just won't wait for Google...

    That's exactly it. It's the "good enough" attitude that's prevalent pretty much everywhere in tech.

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  1. testudo

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    Re: These fools

    And who says it's an unfinished OS? Google? Gee, is that the same Google people say is going to dump Android to flip over to the ChromeOS? Who says it will ever be ready.

    And it couldn't be that it actually does work, regardless of what google says? Oh, no, that's right. It's just somehow they found 1 million people to buy it without realizing it wasn't ready.

  1. JeffHarris

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    Good Enough is "The Standard"

    Face it, Microsoft, cell phone makers and their ilk made "good enough" and "it sorta works okay" acceptable "standards" to strive for and learn to tolerate. It's a place where a laundry list of features, which are hidden and/or barely usable, trumps a feature set that's accessible and user friendly.

    So, this tablet with the crippled OS designed for different and smaller device will be just good enough for that crowd. The list of questionable and barely usable features will thrill the featuritis crowd.

    So, it doesn't work too well. It's good enough!

    They may sell a million...
    But how many will be returned... or eBayed?
    THOSE are the numbers I'll be curious to see.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    Demand for Android is high

    Demand for Android is high, there are only a few credible players releasing Android tablets this year.

    1 million is a lot of money on the table, they are high margin devices - at least this year.

    So they get the 1 million sales by being an early leader - unfortunately Samsung has a history of dumping support on older products. But if they meet their promise to release Android 3.0 for this device next year, then the early adopters don't lose much - this Galaxy Tab is a sufficiently spec'd device.

    The main problems for me, is 1, Samsung is a product support dumper - 2, only the European device has cell capabilities, and if its going to be 7" - just make it 6" - I want a pocketable device so I don't have to also carry a cellphone.

    Apple makes great cellphones but don't tell me 3.5" is the largest a phone can display. 5" is easily possible, and if you are using it like a carry everywhere personal computer (and many are)...that extra screen real estate is important - but in as much as you can without losing its 'mobility'.

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