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Review: Matias Tactile Pro 3 Keyboard

updated 01:15 pm EST, Mon November 15, 2010

Quality offset by cost problems

MacNN has reviewed the Tactile Pro 3 keyboard, made by Matias. Unlike some other recent models, the TP3 uses a very traditional design, with a conventional Mac layout, and a particular emphasis on old-style mechanical switches that provide an audible "click" whenever a key is pressed. One nod to modernity is the presence of a three-port USB hub.

Each key also displays possible option combinations. In the review, however, we consider whether or not the keyboard may be too noisy, and if its pricetag may be too high for the included features. Matias is selling the Tactile Pro 3 for $150.


By Electronista Staff
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  1. Makosuke

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    Glad Somebody Still Makes Them

    I'm glad there's a company catering to folks who like clicky, beefy, old-school keyboards. I like hardware that's built to last.

    That said, I personally have learned that I type faster with considerably less finger tiredness on the short-throw modern Apple keyboards, because my fingers just don't have to move as far. Error rate is a little higher, because there's less off-center key-strike feedback and it's easier to accidentally hit two keys at once, but I'm pretty sure I still come out ahead by a small margin.

    My wife, to take it a step further, has very, very small hands, and you will have to pry her low-profile aluminum Apple keyboard from them when she's dead, because once she tried it she insisted on buying one immediately and absolutely refused to use anything else.

    Aside: I know how big publishing systems go, but it's kind of amusing that you can comment on the post linking to the review at MacNN, but not on the review itself.

  1. petsounds

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    The review talks about the Apple Extended Keyboard as being mythically great. I never found them to be great at all. The only Apple keyboard I've found "great" was the Apple Adjustable Keyboard. Aside from the awkward separate numpad, it combined ergonomics with amazing key feel into a package that was unjustly maligned. I find the new short-throw Apple keyboards cause a lot of finger soreness after a couple hours of use.

    One negative that the reviewer didn't mention is one that all 3rd-party Mac keyboards share: no ability to control the special key functions available from official Mac keyboards, such as Volume, iTunes, and brightness controls. This is because Apple won't let other manufacturers use the key codes. I don't really understand why; it's not like Apple makes much money on keyboard sales. But I use the keyboard-based iTunes controls all the time, so it's a big negative for me.

  1. CaptainHaddock

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    Buyer beware

    I had a Matias tactile keyboard. After a few months of use, however, keys began to stop working. I wasn't exactly impressed.

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