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Kids below 12 want iPad over PCs, Nintendo DS

updated 06:20 pm EST, Tue November 23, 2010

iPad and iPod lead demand from kids: Nielsen

Children 12 and under want an iPad even more than the game consoles that have almost always topped their lists for several years, Nielsen said today. About 31 percent of those aged six to 12 wanted an iPad, trumping both computers and the iPod touch at 29 percent each. Nintendo's DS line was stopped at 25 percent, while the PSP was well behind at just 14 percent.

Other standouts included the PS3 21 percent surging ahead of the Wii's 18 percent and clearly outranking the Xbox 360's 12 percent, even in a Kinect bundle (14 percent). The PlayStation Move add-on reached 17 percent. Although unrealistic, almost as many wanted an iPhone by name at 20 percent as did another smartphone or a basic cellphone, at 21 percent. Apple's phone was tied with TVs and the Nintendo 3DS, which won't make the holidays.

Only 16 percent wanted a dedicated Blu-ray player, and 11 percent wanted an e-reader like an Amazon Kindle.

Among everyone 13 and older, more generic devices like computers, (20 percent), TV and non-iPhone smartphones (19 each) came ahead of the iPad, which at 18 percent was the first present to be mentioned by name. The Wii was the next specific model to be named at 15 percent, followed by the iPhone and PS3 (13 percent) as well as the iPod touch (11 percent). The Xbox 360, the PlayStation move and other consoles or their add-ons were at nine percent or less, with the Sony PSP trailing at the back with five percent.

Apple has usually tried to target the iPad at an older audience than the iPod touch, but its popularity as a gaming platform has been high virtually since launch. TV advertising has also helped, since Apple promotes the iPad more heavily than many companies selling only computers.

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  1. coffeetime

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    Joined: Nov 2006



    who did they interviews? Kids whose parents make $500K/year salary? Chances are these kids already have DS and they just want a new (and expensive) toy for their Christmas. iPad for my 7 year-old? No way.

  1. Paul Huang

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 1999


    America got into trouble precisely because

    of broken families with part-time parents who use material possessions as enticements. The kids use it to play the parents against each other.

    Plenty of families with annual household income lower than $50,000 are buying things that they shouldn't buy.

  1. JeffHarris

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 1999


    Capturing the Next Generation

    Whether or not you agree that kids should be getting electronic devices, Apple is creating the Next Generation of Apple users.

    With the recent surge in Apple mind and marketshare, we're now seeing the effects of the iPod generation buying Macs and Apple products. These people grew up using superior Apple tech and not being forced to use derivative mediocrities. They WANTED Apple gear!

    The special thing about the iPad is that it has so few limitations... can be and is so many different things not only to one user, but to every user.

    No other company seems poised to counter all that Apple has built over the past decade. Apple's corporate thinking is so far beyond the pervasive next-quarter profit mentality, I see no other company even remotely close to countering Apple at this point.

  1. Sondjata

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 2000


    6 year olds buy?

    Really? How do they do that if they can't work?

  1. fhurfhgj

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  1. onehere

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    Nook Color is better for kids than iPad

    Nook Color is better for kids than iPad. It has a new generation screen which is anti-glare coated and is better performing in sunlight than iPad's. Also, as it's smaller in size than iPad, the text appears sharper on Nook's screen.
    Nook runs Android and can run all the Android-based games.
    Also it has 12,000 (more soon) kids books that are built as a game with feedback.
    Nook Color has been picked as the editors choice by PC Magazine. Pro reviewers of other sites (CNET, ZDNet, Engadget, AllThingsDigital, etc.) mentioned that it tested to be pretty fast for apps and PDF's, has a beautiful screen, and is a great value for the holiday season for $249.

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