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updated 11:35 am EST, Sat November 27, 2010

Symbian website, online distros shutting down

The Symbian Foundation late on Friday posted a warning that it would shut down its websites and its online distribution of source code on December 17. The move follows Nokia's takeover of development and will see all code and sites packaged on to either a DVD or a USB drive that developers will need to order to keep working on their own projects. Teams have been encouraged to download the code ahead of time, since a packaged kit isn't expected to be ready before January 31 and may have a shipping cost attached.

Some content databases will still be available through e-mail, Symbian added.

The shutdown is considered necessary now that Symbian's role as a company has been limited to licensing and rights but is also expected to significantly curb outside development. Android and most other open or semi-open mobile platforms almost always maintain code online. Nokia's decision to revoke this access is believed to have come from both the decisions by Samsung and Sony Ericsson to abandon Symbian, leaving Nokia alone, but also from a competitive desire to accelerate Symbian development.

Symbian's share has been falling rapidly in recent months and has been on the decline for most of the three years since the iPhone arrived, owing in part to a reluctance on Nokia and Symbian to address competition. Multi-touch only just came to the platform this year with the N8, and a culture focused on hardware at the expense of hardware is widely believed to have dragged the company down. It denied any need to adapt to Apple as late as mid-2009 and allegedly assumed that developers would come back to Symbian and Nokia after being irritated by the App Store, even though Nokia's Ovi services were fragmented at the time and had much less developer support.

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  1. SockRolid

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    And are we surprised?

    Nope. Not surprised at all.

  1. SockRolid

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    At the expense of *software*

    Minor typo: "and a culture focused on hardware at the expense of hardware" should read "and a culture focused on hardware at the expense of software".

    Nokia is sad proof that hardware is easy and software is hard. Slick hardware gets you much less than half way to a great user experience. And that's all Nokia has: slick hardware. They stuck with Symbian too long, and they were too proud to become just another running dog Android clone-maker.

    Nokia's two potential smartphone survival strategies are 1. to make the world's coolest hardware that runs Android, or 2. to make the world's coolest hardware that runs Windows Phone 7. They could even hedge their bets and do both. Or they could do neither, give up the smart phone market, and be content to dominate the worldwide dumb phone market.

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    comment title

    your grasp of business and market economics is on par with most 12 year olds. b!ahwindows7blahdroidblahiphoneblahappsappsapps. it's a little more complex than that.

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