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Best Buy confirms free iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Torch

updated 01:45 pm EST, Fri December 10, 2010

Best Buy free iPhone 3GS and Torch deals live

Best Buy today confirmed that its rumored free iPhone 3GS deal is now live. Apple's 8GB phone is free on Friday for those who both visit in-store and who qualify. Although not mentioned, the deal should include both new two-year contracts, second lines and those eligible for a full upgrade.

The bargains also include the BlackBerry Torch, which is similarly free but is being put on sale for much longer, up to and including Christmas Eve. No mention was made of the BlackBerry Curve 3G, which according to leaks would be free starting from December 12.

Best Buy's discount isn't as wide-ranging as the Radio Shack discounts, which covered the iPhone 4, but is the only instance known so far of a current iPhone being offered free on contract in the US. Deals of the sort are common in the more competitive European market, where carriers will give away a phone with a sufficiently expensive monthly plan.

Neither Apple, AT&T nor Best Buy has explained the gesture, though the near-giveaway may be to lock in customers before a Verizon iPhone ships.

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  1. gudin

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    I went to the url on the tweet and it says $99.99.

  1. OCStingFan

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    picked one up

    Went in this morning at 9am thanks to MacNN. Picked one up for my wife coming from a Centro on our ATT Family Plan. Hardware cost = $0 (not even tax!).

  1. SockRolid

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    The competition's worst nightmare

    Here's what Apple could do when iPhone 5 is released:

    - iPhone 5: $200
    - iPhone 4: $100
    - iPhone 3GS: free

    That would really put the hurt on the competition, at least on AT&T. And just wait until 2012, when there will be an old 2011 iPhone on Verizon for $100. Android market share will plummet.

  1. Fast iBook

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    If you just.....

    If you just want an iPhone & are coming from a "dumb" phone this is a really sweet deal.

    - A

  1. facebook_Gregory

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