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Toshiba says 2009 a one-off 'bump' in Windows PC sales

updated 04:55 pm EST, Mon December 13, 2010

Toshiba PC sales to grow in low teens in fall 2010

Toshiba digital products GM Jeff Barney mentioned on Monday that Toshiba expects to grow faster than the PC industry average in the last few months of 2010, but also that Microsoft had some rare flukes in 2009. He estimated that his own company would see year-over-year growth in the "low teens" but was rare. While healthy, most of the industry would only grow by a few percentage points because Microsoft had a rare confluence of a new OS release and the height of the netbook fad working to its advantage, Barney told Reuters.

"I think last year had some unique contributing factors, the Windows 7 launch provided a little bit of a bump," he said. "And of course netbooks around the holidays became a real popular gift."

The estimate could see Toshiba hold or gain share over the summer, when it grew more modestly and held on to fifth place in the US. It could nonetheless see the gap widen between itself and either Apple or Acer depending on whether Acer can recover from a rare market share loss. Apple has historically been Toshiba's closest competitor in the US but has been outpacing the industry this year.

Netbooks may face the steepest drop. Companies such as ASUS are reportedly lowering netbook expectations with the expectation that the iPad and other tablets might impact sales. Microsoft has seen sustained Windows 7 sales that set a new record for a first year of release, but the traditional cooling in long-term demand may curb its share.

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  1. SockRolid

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    One-time bump for Microsoft

    Vista was so bad and XP was so old that corporate IT departments were happy to upgrade to a less-buggy version of Vista. That's right. Window 7 is marketing-speak for Windows 6.1, its internal project number at Microsoft. And guess what: Windows Vista was 6.0.

    So what will happen when Ballmer rushes Windows 8 out the door? Not so much. Windows 7 is "good enough" for corporate IT for the next few years. Consumers will just keep on replacing their pee cees when they get bogged down with malware. Just like always. Cloud shmoud.

  1. simon42

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    Netbooks, again?

    What if they were a new product and worked very well as such before expectedly starting to see their sales contract?

    I'd stop spinning stupid news items like that if I were you guys: there's a very distinct possibility that the iPad will cumulate much lower new product sales, for a shorter period of time..

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