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International launch of Google TV cast into doubt

updated 12:20 pm EST, Thu December 16, 2010

Google TV world launch now uncertain

The international release of Google TV has been thrown into uncertainty today as remarks from those involved have backed away from a release date. Following hints from Logitech back in May that it might have a British release in January, both Logitech and Google have since told the Inquirer they have no concrete information as to when it would launch in the UK. Sony hadn't commented whether it would port its Internet TV and Blu-ray player models over.

The lack of information didn't necessarily equate to a delay and might see Google TV support come from other outlets. Samsung has hinted at plans, while LG is uncertain. Any additional deals in the near future are more likely to appear at CES early next month.

Silence is nonetheless a potential issue for Google, which has faced numerous early setbacks in its attempt to compete with the Apple TV and other digital media hubs. Google TV launched in September with the hopes of a seamless link between web video and traditional TV, but most major conventional networks are now blocking Google TV access and have locked it out of many of the sites that had been the inspiration for the project. A large drop in TV sales this holiday will have hurt as well, since Sony's Google TVs carry a premium and may suffer in a more price-sensitive environment.

Cheaper, dedicated media hubs like the Apple TV and Boxee Box have had no trouble with reaching the UK and other countries, usually almost simultaneous with their American arrivals.

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  1. pairof9s

    Senior User

    Joined: Jan 2008


    Clean the house first...

    ...then put it up for sale!!!

    Good gosh, until Google gets valid programming rights from all the major networks, there's not enough decent content to justify the purchase of this (expensive) device.


  1. SockRolid

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Jan 2010


    Browsing on TV? WebTV already failed at that.

    Browsing and other "computer complexity" on your big-screen TV is a terrible idea. And not just because of the lean-forward vs. lean-back conflict. Because browsing and other communication tasks are personal and big-screen TV viewing is largely a shared, group experience.

    The family won't let Dad browse power tool prices on Amazon during a family showing of Wall-E. Mom won't be allowed to check her e-mail on first and goal-to-goal during the Super Bowl. And little Billy won't be allowed to tweet his dessert during the Nightly News.

    GoogleTV is designed for single males, living alone, who are easily amused by technology. I guess there aren't enough Europeans who fit that demographic.

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