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LG Xnote P210 gets very thin bezel, hints MacBook Air future

updated 10:55 am EST, Tue December 28, 2010

LG unveils thin-bezel Xnote P210 ahead of CES

LG on Tuesday claimed a design breakthrough for notebooks with an addition to the Xnote line that could hint at future plans for ultraportables like the MacBook Air. The P210 has a 12.5-inch display but, through a new extra-thin bezel technology, is no bigger than a typical 11.6-inch notebook. Simultaneously, it has much more performance than alternatives with an ultra-low voltage 1.33GHz Core i5 that can Turbo Boost to 1.86GHz.

The system still depends on slower, current-generation Intel integrated graphics but has 4GB of RAM and a 320GB rotating hard drive. LG promised a relatively long 5.6 hours of battery life and a lighter than usual 2.87-pound weight.

Koreans will get the systems sometime in February for prices equivalent to $1,044 to $1,131 depending on the color options. A US release isn't as likely, but the company regularly exports its systems to Canada, Europe and other areas.

The P210 may have an impact on the long-term design of the MacBook Air by letting Apple fit a larger screen without compromising on the overall dimensions of its own system. It's not known if LG has an exclusive on the thin bezel design, but it currently has a $500 million agreement with Apple that focuses primarily on mobile displays.

Apple is also expected to eventually upgrade the Air to ultra-low voltage Core i5 chips once it can transition to Sandy Bridge and get graphics with acceptable performance without having to turn to NVIDIA.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. Inkling

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    Many thanks Electronista

    Many thanks, Electronista. I'm been delighted by the design of the MacBook Air since it quit being a very expensive way for well-heeled travelers to shave a couple of pounds off their luggage. But aside from those few pounds, it offers nothing my three-year-old MacBook doesn't have. Good sense says I need to wait until the MBA offers more and your article details what more might mean for the next version.

    * More RAM. Apple should make 4 Gig standard like in this Xnote.

    * Slightly more screen real estate as above. The physical size of the 11" can't be beat. You can't get any smaller without having a substandard keyboard. But it would be great if these new thinner bezels gave users an almost-inch larger screen.

    * New, power-sipping Intel chips. That's the key reason I see no major rationale to replace my Core 2 Duo laptop with a lighter Core 2 Duo laptop. For $1000, I'll put up with a few pounds. I also need a laptop that's powerful enough to replace my iMac for InDesign work should the latter die. The current MBA isn't.

    * USB 3 as soon as Intel has the chips. It's coming, so I might as well be part of it. It'll make external drives and backup run much faster. Again, I want my new computer to offer new features not just old features in a lighter, smaller package.

    * Open support of the new Flash drive packaging. A larger hard drive is the most needed upgrade. Don't send your lawyers after companies who offer larger and faster drives aftermarket.

    * Support (real or promised) for the new Bluetooth standard. It should be great for in-office and at-home synching a laptop with a desktop with an iPhone--that is when Apple finally wakes up and realizes users want that sort of easy synching.

    * Note to Apple Marketing. Please abandon the fat versus geeky guy contrast in your marketing or the swirling color shadows doing dance moves none of us can emulate. We need more ads with cute girls like the above and like the one in T-Mobile's new ads. Pretty girls make any product look better.

    Build that sort of MBA, and I will happily buy it.

  1. wrenchy

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    re:hints MacBook Air future

    So Apple is going to copy LG?

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