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Windows Phone 7 passes 5,000 apps in two months

updated 03:10 pm EST, Wed December 29, 2010

Windows Phone 7 already over 5,100 apps

Windows Phone 7 in the past day has quietly passed the 5,000 app mark, according to new stats. As of Wednesday, Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace had 5,149 titles. The growth was a quick jump from 4,000 a week earlier and 3,000 at the end of November.

The store size is still well behind those of Apple (300,000) and Google (100,000) but, in roughly two months, has closed in on virtually all small-scale mobile app portals. It has already caught up to Palm's 1.5 year old webOS store and now has a third of the 15,000 apps of BlackBerry App World despite RIM's store being older than Palm's.

The growth is considerably faster than either Apple or Google saw in the early days of their own stores, though Microsoft was helped by launching into modern mobile apps roughly two years later and into a market more receptive to smartphones as a whole.

About 72 percent of Microsoft's apps are paid, but the stats confirmed Microsoft's move towards iPhone-like prices as a clear majority are either 99 cents or free. Games are now much more important and make up 22 percent of the WP7 store where they were just a fraction as important on Windows Mobile. [via LiveSide

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  1. freddymac

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    More junk apps for a junk phone.............

  1. JuanGuapo

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    Joined: Jan 2008



    Paper Toss for Windows Phone 7! I can't wait....


  1. nat

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    Joined: Mar 2002



    Ya pay people to develop for ya you are bound to get people on board. Wonder how many palm and blackberry would have if they paid developers.

  1. sgirard

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    Joined: Aug 2005


    f*** Apps

    Mostly f*** apps, I presume.

  1. chas_m


    Joined: Aug 2001



    When first announced, I really liked the idea of "live tiles" and thought to myself FINALLY Microsoft have found an ad campaign that caters to the strengths of that platform (lots of info on the lock screen so you can just glance at it and get back to what you were doing).

    But now having seen it in real life -- sorry MS, good idea but bad execution. You *do* get back quickly to what you were doing -- because those tiles, the fonts, the whole layout -- is FUGLY!

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