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Sony to get away from netbooks using AMD

updated 10:15 pm EST, Mon January 3, 2011

Sony exiting netbooks using AMD Brazos

Sony plans to make its exit from low-end netbooks when it launches new models at CES, tipsters said on Monday night. The company "wants to get out" of the low-profit category and should use AMD's Fusion processors based on the Brazos platform to get a more expensive but also much faster system with 1080p video support. The resulting computer would cost over $500, CNET's source said.

The company has been one of the more reluctant participants in the netbook space and at first tried to focus on unique premium netbooks like the VAIO P but eventually joined the category roughly two years after others, with the VAIO W. Netbooks have usually had low profits and have regularly reduced the profitability of companies that depend heavily on netbooks for business. Intel itself was helped by a backlash in the category as buyers and PC makers turned back towards regular notebooks when they weren't switching to tablets.

Unlike some of its counterparts, Sony for much of the past year has been hesitant to enter tablets as means out of netbooks but may have seen the iPad's success as a motivator. Tablets are both typically more profitable and often have longer battery life and more portability. A VAIO tablet has already been spotted and may be shown at CES as a further part of its move away from the netbook field.

The company hasn't commented on the leak and isn't likely to reveal details before its CES presentation on January 5.

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  1. Foe Hammer

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    Interpreting The World Around You

    Netbook Techtanic Hits Low-End Iceberg!

    While Others Wonder What That Scraping Sound Was And Why The Techtanic Seems Angled Downwards Towards The Bow, Sony Jumps In A Lifeboat!

    More News January 5th!

  1. msuper69

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    So are they not using AMD or are they?

    The headline says they are getting away from using AMD while the body of the article says they are using AMD?

    Another nice job of reporting. NOT.

  1. SockRolid

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    Damned if they do. Damned if they don't.

    I'm going to miss netbooks. They really hurt pee cee makers' profitability by cannibalizing sales of their more expensive higher-margin laptops and desktops. Speeding their race to the bottom, helping them in their battle to push each other off the low-margin cliff, etc.

    But iPad has introduced a new way for the pee cee making running dogs of the world to destroy each other. The slate, tablet, pad, or whatever you want to call it. Deceptively simple to manufacture. But the software, the core of the user experience, is extremely hard to get right.

    It took Apple years to get their mobile OS right. It will take Google years. It will take RIM years. They and all the other wannabes will rush their hardware to the market, with razor thin margins, and embarrass themselves in public. For years. With sub-standard user experiences, with cut-rate hardware. Cheesy is as cheesy does.

    But the real killer is that the wannabes still have no infrastructure. It took Apple about 10 years to get iTunes, iTunes Store, and now App Store to where they are. Since before the first iPod was released in 2001. And now Apple is poised to unleash the power of their new $1 billion data center. So Apple has about a 10 year lead.

    Sony should be developing a time machine, so they can go back and start work on their infrastructure starting in, oh, 1998. And maybe they should write their own OS while they're at it. They are at the mercy of Microsoft, just like all the other pee cee makers who have come and gone. Same old WIndows. Big Sony price. Oops.

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