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Ballmer: Kinect support for PC’s on the horizon

updated 05:30 pm EST, Fri January 7, 2011

Official announcement in due course

Microsoft CEO has revealed that Microsoft plans to bring official support for its 8 million plus selling Kinect peripheral to Windows. In the BBC interview footage (below), Ballmer states that Microsoft will make a formal announcement about the integration "in a formal way in the right time." An example of the Kinect hacked to work with Mac OS X has recently been posted by a developer highlighting the potential for the technology.

Microsoft has already flagged at its CES Keynote that it will update its Xbox 360 Dashboard software to enable hands-free control of Netflix as well as Hulu Plus, when that service debuts on the console. Currently users can use Kinect on the Xbox 360 to interact with the Zune Video Marketplace through a combination of gestures and voice control.

Microsoft has indicated that the Dashboard update for the Xbox 360 will be coming in the spring. As William Gibson noted recently, the future is here now.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. chas_m



    Maybe it's just me, but

    this sounds dumb.

    I may be suffering a lack of imagination or "vision," but the idea of gesturing at my monitor to execute actions on my PC in a non-gaming scenario just makes Windows sound even dorkier and unpleasant than it already is.

    I'm sure it would be useful in /some/ situations -- like for people who can only communicate in semaphore -- but in real-world, non-gaming situations I'm just not able to think of any reason why I would want this compared to a regular webcam and a Magic Trackpad.

  1. robttwo

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Nov 2005


    Mr. UselessEO

    MS excels in the trivial. How inconsequential this is. Seriously. It reminds me of when they pushed their "touchscreen" technology a few years back. Only problem - your arm falls off after 5 minutes of doing it. They could never figure it out. Apple comes along - "Hey, put it on something that lies flat or the user can hold. You know, ergonomics." MS - "Oh yeah."
    Kudos to Chas_m. Same reason voice commands have never caught on - the computer should be doing the work with a MINIMAL amount of effort on my part. MS never can quite understand this.

  1. eldarkus

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2004



    I still dont see how this is applicable in real gaming situations. Outside of workout games, dance games and that animal-mimic game. Without any type of input (gun, controller, steering wheel) the Kinects is pretty much worthless. you will never get any kind of good action/racing game on that system without it

    Anyone seen the Star Wars game? Looks like it went backwards in technology about 15 years.

  1. Foe Hammer

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2005


    But Just Think About It ...

    ... soon folks will be able to do their own monkeyboy dance *AND* it will cause their PCs to open files, rename files, delete files and crash without even touching a keyboard or mouse! It's Windows computing finally updated for the 21st century!!!

  1. wrenchy

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Nov 2009


    Apple should

    have bought Kinect. It would have made the Magical into Magical².

    But of course Apple had to be a bunch of douche_bags about it so the owners walked. Good for them.
    No soup for you Apple.

    But if anyone other than Apple developed motion control as a terminal interface, I would see ignorant comments like I do here.

    Typical macnn followers.

    Yeah Foe Hammer, I'm talking to you.

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