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TiVo for iPad reaches the App Store

updated 10:35 am EST, Tue January 18, 2011

TiVo for iPad app now live

TiVo today posted its long promised iPad app (free, App Store). The download serves as a complete alternative to the on-screen interface and will both schedule recordings to the DVR as well as browse show info. It can imitate the hardware remote and, while active, won't put the interface on the TV, freeing it up to display the active TV show.

The move to a mobile app has also added features that aren't normally present in the modern TiVo interface, such as Facebook and Twitter status updating. Scheduling functions also work remotely and thus aren't tied to the local network.

Using the new iPad app requires a Series 4 TiVo, such as the Premiere or Premiere XL, as well as the matching TiVo subscription.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. chris2519

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    What a load of sh--

    I was excited about this and downloaded -- and then found out (as stated in the article) that it only works with the new and incredibly overpriced TiVo Premiere. I'm sure there are people with enough cash cluttering up their bank accounts to go ahead and splurge on this useless hardware upgrade, but I'm not one of them. After having spent more than $1200 on three Tivo Series 3s a couple years ago, and hundreds more each year on service fees, I'm just not going to hand over another $400 per machine for the "Premiere." Yeah, the TiVo interface is great. BFD. Competing technology has caught up bigtime, and most people are going to figure out that they don't need to pay TiVo upwards of $300 a year for the privilege of finding and scheduling programs. When I downloaded this app and went to use it, and it "scanned my network" for a TiVo Premiere, then told me I couldn't use it but offered me a "great deal" on an upgrade to the Premiere, all I really wanted to do was tell the peeps in management at TiVo to ram the upgrades up their asses. Try supporting your existing customers, TiVo. The ones you collected thousands of dollars in hardware sales and service fees. And maybe you'll earn enough goodwill and customer loyalty to stick around. But it's not going to happen by shoving an overpriced (and poorly reviewed) piece of equipment down our throats.

  1. testudo

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    Re: What a load of .....

    Hey, they're just following Apple's lead. You know, the company that makes a living out of not supporting anything but their latest and greatest.

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