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iPhone users more loyal than Android, Symbian likely to jump

updated 04:20 pm EST, Tue January 18, 2011

Zokem says iPhone still most loyal brand

iPhone users are still the most loyal to the platform by a wide margin, Zokem found in a study on Tuesday. Apple's platform was unique in commanding not only high loyalty from existing users, 85 percent of which planned to buy again, but being the most frequently sought after by those jumping over from competitors. Android had a higher loyalty, at 89 percent of existing owners likely to buy again, but there was higher overall turnover and fewer using another mobile OS likely to choose it as their next platform.

RIM's BlackBerry and Samsung's Bada were middling in terms of commitment to the platform. HP/Palm's webOS and Symbian were the least loyal of all among those asked, with the vast majority of both likely to switch to another platform.

Nokia's Maemo, used only on phones with the N900, was the only one to have a negative overall loyalty score as everyone was leaving the mostly abandoned platform.

The results covered about 1,500 subjects and wasn't a complete reflection of the market. It still corroborated earlier studies that suggested that iPhone loyalty was highest. Android has been unique among multi-device phone platforms in keeping a high degree of loyalty but has also shown signs that it may not necessarily command the same consistent buying habits.

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  1. chippie

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: May 2009


    I am happy with Android

    because I love the customizability. I can also buy a nice HTC or Samsung for around $400 on prepaid and have it cheaply unlocked. I have had an amazingly good deal with a mobile operator that only I can terminate(unless they go bust), so I pay only $5 a month for 200 talk minutes. I do all data on wifi. No way would I do a smartphone contract with any provider for Android or iOS. I am saving enough money each year to purchase a new macbook pro. After all, I basically use a phone to talk.

  1. LenE

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    Released Tuesday

    I wonder when the data was collected, and what geographic bounds the sample fell into. Symbian is a non-entity in the US, and I'll be damned if I could figure out which carriers her have the Samsung Bada platform.

    I found it interesting that Android users were split only between Android and the iPhone for their next phones. This re-inforces my view of most Android users being non-corporate types. iPhone users who were looking at non iPhones were split mostly between RIM's and Androids. The RIM people I can understand, as all of the execs at my company cary both a RIM for business and an iPhone for personal communications.

    -- Len

  1. aristotles

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    iPhone has iOS app and accessory ecosystem

    The amount of stickiness to iPhones increases with every dock connector accessory purchase and even more with every paid app purchase on the app store.

    Customization gets so old so fast. I have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS but the novelty of the customization is really fleeting.. Each new iOS release tends to add more customization into the default install but I find that even with everything that I could do with a jailbroken device, I have not changed that much outside of what the base install can do. The only thing that I have changed were the alert sounds with a theme and that is about it.

    The more that you invest in paid iOS games and apps, the less likely that you will switch to another platform.

  1. SockRolid

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    iPhone invades Androidistan

    Can't wait for iPhone Verizon sales to start. It will thin the Android herd. Drastically.

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