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iPad 2 may have 2048x1536 display after all

updated 10:35 pm EST, Wed January 19, 2011

Part suppliers say iPad 2 2048x1536 screen intact

Debate over whether the iPad 2 might use a 2048x1536 display was furthered again on Wednesday night with a claim that the technology was still in the works for the new model. Part manufacturers said that the higher resolution would be part of the new model as it went into its large-sized iBooks images were, despite doubts, clues as to the strategy.

They also speculated that the larger, 1,536-pixel wide background tile and other graphics elements would be friendly to an app that could scale to desktop resolutions and allow a desktop app. The insiders didn't claim any inside knowledge of Mac development.

Apple's current generation of iPads, meanwhile, was supposedly in its last month of full-tilt production and would see between 1.6 million to 1.8 million shipped. February numbers would drop as Apple transitioned over to the new design. When the new iPad ships, which most now think would be in late March or early April, it's expected to have between 400,000 and 600,000 units ready to sell. The numbers implied that Apple might have to repeat its US-first release strategy to guarantee enough stock.

The resolution would be a logical extension of what Apple did for the iPhone 4, whose 960x640 display was unexpected, and might be possible given a long-term deal with LG Display that could keep the costs of a 2048x1536 display down. Some obstacles would still persist, including the need for much more RAM and possibly LG's ability to mass produce displays on that level. Apple is suspected of having prototype iPads with those displays on its campus but may not be ready to ship them until 2012.

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  1. dagamer34

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    At this point, I think the story is almost feeding itself since it's using circular logic to state that the iPad "must" be getting a "Retina" display due to the fact that the=/ "recently" released iBooks 1.1 has high-res images in it.

  1. malax

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    This could all be misinformation to throw us off the trail of the truth: the next iPad will be the evolution of the iPod shuffle: no screen at all!

  1. WaltFrench

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    Weak Evidence; Missing Logic

    Some day, I suppose, the iPad WILL go to a much higher resolution. But the speculation here is pretty thin soup. It's hard to see how the math works.

    First, fake images, WTF? The Mac developer kit lets you build Mac icons at 512 X 512. Does the 512X512 Mac icon format mean that OSX 10.7 Lion is going to have just 4 or 6 big buttons on even the biggest screens? No, ever since Leopard that's just been available to make it easy to scale down, keeping the highest quality. So big iPad images mean… well, it'll probably be LESS than 4096 X 3092.

    And if there ARE 4X the number of pixels, that means 4X the graphics processing to keep games only as fast as the older iPad, and a bunch more memory to support it. To get good performance, my 2010 MBP 17" has a graphics processor rated to burn 35 Watts. That alone would take down the iPad's 25 Watt-Hour battery in roughly 45 minutes of gaming. (Forget the CPU, screen, etc.) Totally a non-starter.

    It may indeed be true that Apple has figured out how to get hugely better graphics performance than they just put into their 5X-as-pricy laptops, but by now we're talking some serious overlap into laptop pricing and functionality.

    Meanwhile, the Retina Display has been recognized as “nice” but is hardly the reason to pick an iPhone4 versus its competitors; a huge amount of money into just the screen seems lopsided unless you also up the CPU, GPU, battery and a bunch of software features. Is the iPad2 really supposed to be more powerful than the Mac line?

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  1. Radovich

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    Hoping rich video enjoyment(especially, hd video downloaded by users via third-party app creators like ifunia) in ipad 2.
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