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Motorola Xoom may cost $800, HTC Thunderbolt $250

updated 09:10 pm EST, Fri January 21, 2011

Moto Xoom may cost 800 at Verizon

Prices unearthed in Verizon's retail system may have given away steep pricing for the Motorola Xoom. The device is listed as costing $800 unsubsidized, or about $70 more than an iPad equipped with the same 32GB of storage. AndroidCentral's copy shows the pricing period lasting between January 21 and July 21, although it may ship February 14.

The HTC Thunderbolt is also now in the system and could carry its own premium for 4G. Verizon lists it as costing $250, most likely on a two-year contract. It would be the second most expensive smartphone currently on sale outside of the 32GB iPhone 4.

Either price could be subject to change and might not be final, but if true could hurt the devices' chances at success. Motorola's tablet currently has performance and feature advantages over the iPad also on sale at the carrier but may have those advantages negated by the next iPad as well as other Android tablets. Apple has repeatedly said it tries to price the iPad aggressively but, until now, hasn't had as direct a test.

The Thunderbolt's $50 premium over the iPhone and most other high-end smartphones may set it back as well. Verizon's pricing if complete would mimic the pattern Sprint tried for its first 4G phones but might give better value through the 32GB of built-in storage and the faster LTE wireless.

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  1. DerekMorr

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2010


    Fanboys, prepare yourselves!

    Wait, does this mean it's not vaporware ?! ZOMG! Quick, someone find a new way to criticize it before it ships!

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 2004


    race to the top?

    what happened to the race to the bottom....

    well then again, I suppose they have to raise their prices, if they are going to give Oracle a cut.

  1. nat

    Junior Member

    Joined: Mar 2002



    Yeah, that's right, it's mentioned somewhere in print so suddenly it's not vapor anymore. That clear it up for ya or are you still confused?

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