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  1. aduffbrew

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    Best of Luck Microsoft

    Microsoft is still a wildly successful company but they sure haven't fired the imagination in a long while. With the amount of resources still at Redmond's command, you'd think they'd still be leading the industry instead of running neck and neck or playing catch-up on so many fronts. Sadly, it isn't for a lack of talent... it seems management and corporate culture are the root causes.

    I don't know Ballmer personally but he sure doesn't engender my trust. Still, here's to a more vibrant and innovative Microsoft. Strong competition is a win for every fanboy no matter which side of the divide they find themselves!

  1. Cronocide

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    But that's what MS does.

    They don't invent. They don't create.
    They copy. They duplicate. They rename.
    They think differently - 10 months later.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Why would Microsoft need to take on Apple?

    Microsoft has 90% desktop market share and claims that Windows and the Windows strategy is far better than Apple's. Microsoft says that corporations will continue using Windows because it is more suited for business use. The Wintel alliance allows Windows to be put on every type of hardware under the sun (you can't get much better than that). Apple supposedly has no software that can compete with the likes of Microsoft Office which is the cornerstone business application of all corporations. Microsoft has the Xbox 360 and Apple doesn't even have a gaming console. Jeez, Apple doesn't even have a darn search engine like Microsoft. For years, Microsoft successfully blocked Apple from being allowed to participate in a corporate environment.

    What the heck is Microsoft so worried about? They're into far more things than Apple is already, so what else are they going into. Are they going to start making their own hardware or build their own iTMS? Microsoft's greed is immense.

  1. SwissMac

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    What Ballmer's really saying...

    Sounds more like "Help me! I haven't a clue!"

  1. peter02l

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    CEO taps engineers as execs

    It seems he should start with his job, and hire an engineer for the CEO position.

  1. chefpastry

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    I like their strategy. I like it a lot.

  1. ASathin8R

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    Times they are a changing...

    Business textbooks of the future will be writing about Microsoft as the classic example of a company that became entrenched in its ways and which lured itself into self-belief that it had a business model that could never, ever fail. As such, with the technology and software landscape shifting under it, it is now caught in an identity crisis and does not know which way to turn. It seems too busy being reactive, rather than pro-active.

    And these problems start at the top. How many times has Apple released a product in the past few years that Ballmer has decried, only to see Microsoft scurry around trying to play catch up?

    Ballmer is not a visionary. His vision is to see what competition he can acquire and then shutter them in order to stifle innovation so that it could continue its Windows monopoly.

    Wildly successful Microsoft might be, and for some time to come. But what we are seeing now could be the beginning of the end - at least while Ballmer is still "leading" the organisation.

  1. jarod

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    Go back to selling used cars... it's about the only thing you're (maybe) qualified for.
    Tech is not for you... not even close.

  1. kerryb

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    Profits and inspiration

    Balmer will be at the helm of Microsoft until the company's profits really begin to shrink. It's that simple in the corporate world, is our company profitable enough. How does a board choose a person with vision when they don't really have vision themselves. Balmer is a top manager only and not apparently since Gates departure, someone with a game plan. Keeping the goose alive that lays the Windows and Office eggs is top priority having a clue to the future of computers is not in his DNA. It's all about the bottom line in business and Balmer will be around till the day that changes, which will too late for Microsoft's future.

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  1. Joe05

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    I love these little posts, Microsoft is an engineering driven company, as for cloud computing, they're absolutely kicking Google's a** in cloud computing, They actually have businesses that pay for cloud services, 300 million paid users and counting versus Google's we have 25 million users of Google apps,which are terrible to begin with without ever giving actual numbers of paid customers.

    Windows Azure, a "cloud operating system" is a success and continues to grow, servers and tools, Office2010 is the fastest selling version to date, Windows 7 is a success with 350 million copies in use right now and growing.

    Windows Phone 7 is a fantastic Mobile OS, faster with better programing tools that Android and IOs4 very early in it's cycle and will take time to build momentum.

    Microsoft has never stated they needed executive level engineers to take on Google/Apple,thats a personal opinion and carries very little weight.

    Google is the leader in search, and Apple gets credit where credit is due, they are the leaders of the consumer space and I love some of their products.

    But seriously, get a clue.

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