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MacBook Pro updates on verge of release?

updated 11:25 am EST, Mon February 7, 2011

Computers could go sale as soon as Feb. 9th

Apple may be about to release updated MacBook Pros, reports suggest. 9to5Mac sources claim that that stock for all Pro models is currently limited, with the exception of the higher-end 13-inch system. Circulating rumors are said to point to a refresh happening as soon as Wednesday, February 9th, but that information is considered unconfirmed.

Backing up the likelihood of a refresh is Japanese site Macotakara, which says that stock availability for local resellers has stretched into the two- to three-week range. The MacBook Pro is generally believed to be due for a refresh, particularly as Intel recently launched its Sandy Bridge platform, which includes substantially improved and more deeply embedded graphics technology. Not clear so far is whether trouble with some Sandy Bridge chipsets will impact Apple plans.


By Electronista Staff
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  1. MyRightEye

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    Apple does use the on-board SATA controllers

    Because they need SATA access before boot for FireWire Target Disk Mode, they use a SATA controller chip and don't use the CPUs SATA controllers. So Apple can use the chips without any issues.

  1. testudo

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    The problem is the SATA controllers of the CHIPSET (aka, the motherboard), not in the CPU.

    So, Apple would be facing the problem if they were using the problematic chipset.

    One would hope, however, that Apple would hold off from using a known broken chip set and wait for one without an issue.

  1. MyRightEye

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    Apple does NOT use Intel's chipsets, they design and use their own.

  1. Cronocide

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    But Apple's people work closely with Intel's people to make the processor work with their custom chipset as smoothly as possible. I am STOKED for this release. Need a new computer for the summer, hoping we get Sandy Bridge.

  1. OtisWild

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    The Sandy Bridge issue is with the 3gbps chipset, the 2-port 6gbps (SATA III) has no issue and is backwards-compatible with 3gbps, so theoretically none of the faulty chipsets installed in laptops ever need to be swapped, unless you have more than 1 HDD and 1 optical drive installed.. Which I think defines every Macbook Pro ever manufactured.. (Even if you swap the optical for HDD, you still only have 2 SATA ports on the system board)

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