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White iPhone 4 gets shelf space at Best Buy, The Source

updated 04:00 am EST, Mon February 7, 2011

Snapped with a White iPhone 4?

The long-delayed Apple iPhone 4 in white, once held triumphantly aloft by Steve Jobs when the iPhone 4 was first launched looks like it is finally about to hit store shelves in the US. Tipsters have sent in some photos of the pricing tickets for the device at both Best Buy and The Source stores to Engadget. What's more, when looking closely at the first photo below, it appears that the shot taken at Best Buy has in fact been taken with a white iPhone 4 as is seemingly apparent in the reflection on the ticket surface. Even more intriguing is that if it is indeed a White iPhone 4, it also seems that it may either be missing the LED flash, or it has been repositioned possibly on the side opposite to the lens.

Issues with photos taken by white iPhone 4s have long been thought to be the cause of the extended delay and even its possible cancellation altogether. Initially, it was speculated that the white paint finish, combined with the glass back caused too much light leakage in photos. However, a recent report pinned the alleged camera problems on cheaply made clone parts.

If the photo below does indeed show a white iPhone 4, it looks as though Apple may have overcome the camera issue with a slight redesign of the rear glass housing. (Electronista has highlighted what appears to be the white iPhone 4 in the photo and annotated this potential discovery). [via Engadget]

By Electronista Staff
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  1. facebook_Fionn

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    The great white whale

    Call me Ishmael!

  1. bfalchuk

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    Joined: Jul 2003


    Not an iPhone 4

    I think you didn't spot a change in the iPhone 4's physical layout to make it white. You just missed that this is a white iPhone 3G or 3GS. Looking at the rounding in the corners makes it seem pretty obvious that it's a different model from the 4. Also, the camera on the 3G/3GS was further into the body than on the 4 - as it is in the photo.

  1. droz

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    yup, bfalchuk is right...

    that is not an iphone4. Not even close in looks.

  1. ASathin8R

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    Nope, @bfalchuk ain't right

    If it was a white iPhone 3G or 3GS, the Apple logo would be apparent in the reflection as it is printed higher on the back of that model than the iPhone 4 and should be seen in the reflection if it was one of those models.

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