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Nokia says WP7 design is real, denies Microsoft Trojan horse

updated 07:05 pm EST, Sun February 13, 2011

Nokia CEO talks Windows Phone 7 design at MWC

Nokia Smart Devices lead Jo Harlow at her company's press conference at Mobile World Congress tonight confirmed that its Windows Phone 7 prototype was real. It didn't have details of the phone but showed the large touchscreen, multi-colored model twice. Harlow hinted that the phone could be ready in 2011, hinting that Elop would be "much happier" if a Nokia WP7 device was on the market this year.

CEO Stephen Elop meanwhile flatly denied suspicions that he was a Microsoft mole sent to push Windows Phone 7 at a rival company and artificially inflate its market share. When asked if he was a "Trojan horse," the company head said the answer "obviously is no" and pointed to the organizational structure making that difficult. The "entire management team" was involved, and the board of directors had the final say on whether or not the platform switch went forward, he said.

Elop further acknowledged company protests and said the results were mixed. While development and sales were excited, some engineers working on Symbian and other platforms were clearly "hurting," he said.

On development, he admitted that Qt was "not the plan" for WP7, noting that Microsoft was providing the brunt and that it would fragment the environment. Nokia would still offer something of its own, however.

Nokia likewise wouldn't want to be the exclusive maker of WP7 devices. It would work best if it had to compete with others in an "ecosystem," Elop said.

Much of the discussion reviewed things Nokia had already said in announcing its landmark deal. The company deliberately chose WP7 both to avoid the commoditization of Andriod but also to create a more competitive market, where at least three major, modern smartphone platforms existed rather than risk an Apple and Google duopoly. A MeeGo device would exist this year, but its role was no longer a central one afterwards. Symbian is ultimately being phased out in high end devices.

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  1. nowwhatareyoulookingat

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    It's real in the same way as...

    most other Photoshopped pictures are 'real'. Parts of the picture are take from multiple actual pictures, with various artistic additions to make it harder to spot the borders.

  1. PRoth

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    Wouldn't it be easier if Microsoft bought Nokia? Maybe leverage the best of MeeGo and Symbian into Windows Phone 8 or 9?

    I've never used a Nokia phone or a WP7 phone, so I'm talkin' out my blowhole, here. But it's a theory...

  1. Foe Hammer

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    Don't Worry About A Microsoft Trojan Horse ...

    ... worry about whether Microsoft was wearing a Trojan.

  1. Geoduck

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    Ventriloquist Dummy

    "CEO Stephen Elop meanwhile flatly denied suspicions that he was a Microsoft mole sent to push Windows Phone 7 at a rival company and artificially inflate its market share."

    Please ignore the hand manipulating his head and mouth.

  1. facebook_Lisa

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    What Nokia did can prove to be great success.....

    I think Nokia has the license to customize WP7 now, which is a good thing. Actually, they claim they'll be working in partnership with MS to that purpose. So, I'm already assuming that the WP7 OS we'll find on Nokia phones will be to some degree different (albait compatible, I really hope) from the one on other hardware producers.

    I also think it will be quite likely we'll see other features I can't really understand why are currently missing in WP7, such as thetering and Sync with Outlook.
    In other words, I think this degree of exclusivity may be enough to generate that uniqueness that is indeed needed to compete against the iPhone.
    Check this to see what other developers have to say:

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