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Acer, ASUS, Lenovo hope to undercut MacBook Air in spring

updated 04:30 am EST, Mon February 14, 2011

Acer plans new Timeline, ASUS new U to rival Apple

Acer, ASUS and Lenovo are all planning new generation ultraportables to rival the MacBook Air, tipsters said Monday. A new Acer Timeline and an equivalent ASUS U series would arrive in the spring, while a Lenovo IdeaPad would be ready in the summer. All of them are planning to put the price "below $1,000" while outperforming the Air, Digitimes heard, to both beat Apple's pricing and avoid the fate of expensive ultrathins like the Dell Adamo.

Not much is known, but the Timelines would be contracted out to Taiwan's Wistron, while ASUS' recently split manufacturing wing Pegatron would handle its former parent's U series. ASUS would focus on larger 13- and 14-inch models.

Whether or not the refreshes would be successful is uncertain. Apple is expected to have a Sandy Bridge MacBook Air update in June that would likely put its performance on par or better. Current Timeline and U series sales haven't been given out but aren't thought to be large despite having a theoretically faster design.

By Electronista Staff


  1. Foe Hammer

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2005


    And When Those Fail ...

    ... they'll announce that their next target is Apple TV. Followed by Apple USB cables.

    You can HOPE in one and DEFECATE in the other - just see which one fills first.

  1. Eldernorm

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Sep 2007


    Skating to where the puck was...

    These guys just do not get it. They keep trying to do one better on a moving target. Plus, they are stuck with Windows 7.... or 7.5 .... or what ever.

    so sad. LOL

    Just a thought,

  1. JeffHarris

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 1999


    Promises, promises...

    How will they EVER manage to squeeze a Blu-ray drive, removable battery, SD Card, iRDA, VGA and Parallel Ports into them? What would one possibly be able to do without all those things?

    Like the iPad, it's more than size, weight, a mile-long spec sheet and a plethora of rarely used ports, that makes the MacBook Air line such compelling, functional and pleasurable machines to use.

  1. climacs

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 2001


    does it run OS X?

    then it's not really much of a competitor to MacBook Air, now is it? The only advantage I can see, is that it might prevent some business people from taking the jump into the Mac world by offering a somewhat competitive alternative... but with nice, boring, comfortable Windows on it.

    And if the price is close to that of MBA... not sure that it would prevent many of the Mac-curious from trying one out anyway.

    (yet the PC fanbois will continue to bleat, "but Macs are waaaaaay more expensive!")

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