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The Daily trials to extend for 'several more weeks'

updated 09:20 pm EST, Wed February 23, 2011

News Corp confirms extending The Daily trials

News Corp in a talk on Wednesday confirmed some expectations that it would extend trial periods for The Daily. Publisher Greg Clayman said that users would get extensions for 'several more weeks' to help accommodate the problems with the iPad app, including "stability issues" and other unusual behavior. He argued to paidContent that some of the problems would have been difficult to address without a wide-scale test.

He also mildly critized Apple's process for handling pre-release software. Testers have to have their devices individually registered and thus can't be checked in a large enough scale. Apple also explicitly forbids marking apps as betas or otherwise unfinished in the App Store. "There are no beta apps," Clayman summarized.

Another News Corp-backed service, Hulu, had the luxury of a web-based beta test that allowed widening the scale as much as was necessary. Clayman confirmed a delay from January 19 but said it was valuable time to get the app and service polished for the release.

"We were the first subscription service and that took a minute to get right with Apple," he said.

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  1. landoncube

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    Certainly my paid subscription year will only begin whenever the trial ends.


  1. chas_m


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    I'm NOT a fan of Rupert Murdoch but I think this was a good move. I downloaded The Daily and have read it occasionally but have been too busy (read: on vacation) to look at it every day and really evaluate it.

    So far, it seems pretty good quite frankly, and the subscription rate is IMO exactly right for this sort of publication. Funny how Murdoch expects to make a mint on this, even though it's only $40 for a year (that's over 300 issues) and Apple gets $12 of that ... too bad others can't figure out how to do that for their -- what -- 12 issues a year?

  1. wrenchy

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    "Mildly" criticized

    What's wrong News Corp? Don't want to offend Apple?
    You either criticize them or you don't.

    I do it all the time.

  1. wrenchy

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    Joined: Nov 2009


    "Stability Issues"??

    Must be all that iOS frag-mun-tay-shun....

    Oh wait... Wrong OS, nevermind.

  1. msuper69

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    The Daily is inconvenient ...

    to actually use. Try reading a story and then closing the app via the home button.

    Start it up again.

    Now go find your place in the article you were last reading.

    Happy hunting.

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