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Android 3.0 has just 17 tablet apps as USA Today joins in

updated 01:15 pm EST, Fri February 25, 2011

Android 3 tablets have just fraction

Android 3.0 got off to a slow start in the past day as the OS launched with just a small number of tablet apps. A quick check by jkOnTheRun showed just 16 apps that could use the larger screen size. USA Today on Friday became the 17th with a new app that provided much of its news in the widescreen format of devices like the Xoom.

The discovery was possible in part from a new addition to Android Market that singles out tablet-native apps when browsing from one of the devices. A significant portion of the apps are ports of iPad titles.

A scarcity of apps has been a frequent complaint of early adopters. The lack has been blamed mostly on Google's rushed schedule for Android 3.0. It only first hinted at the OS at CES in early January and gave developers the first SDK at the end of the month, giving most developers about four weeks to either develop or port titles over. Companies such as Barnes & Noble have only just begun pledging apps that won't ship until the spring or later.

Without app support, the platform could face an early uphill struggle against the iPad and contrasts sharply with Apple's own approach. Although timed partly due to supply issues, the iPad's January unveiling and April release gave developers more than two months to get started. The iPad shipped with roughly 1,000 fully optimized apps and now has over 60,000 titles.

By Electronista Staff


  1. MyRightEye

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    Apple better do something.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Ooooh, the Android tablets are just

    killing the iPad. Apple should just skip the iPad 2 and go with the iPad 3 or Apple will be in deep trouble as consumers and businesses flock to the Android Marketplace for all those tablet apps. The analysts will be screaming that Apple has only 60,000 iPad apps and Android is gaining on them. Expect Android tablet app numbers to double in a week which will really blow away Apple's iPad app growth percentages.

  1. xmlaroux

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    I have Nook Color running Android 2.2 and I have NO issues running 99% of all the same apps that run on phones. Just like the iPad when it came out... it takes time to have the apps upscale to the larger screen.

    Nothing to see here... keep moving on.
    Waste of space on this site.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    1 month contrasts sharply with 2 months? LOL

    That rushed schedule, and not only that, but actually meeting that schedule - shows a dedication to android, and bodes well for its success.

    As far giving developers only 1 month, instead of 2....a month will pass, don't fear.

    Worrying that a company won't deliver a promised OS on time - real worry.

    Worry that a month won't pass - kind of an absurd worry.

    Developers will get their two months, now you go back to sleep and stop worrying.

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  1. wrenchy

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    I wholeheartedly agree. Actually, this whole site is a waste of space.

    This place reeks of iFear when competition shows up at the front door.

  1. mportuesi

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    The 17-app list is hand-curated

    The Electronista editors have glossed over the reason for the low app count (an SDK that only recently arrived in developer's hands), and have also misrepresented the Android Market.

    The Market's "tablet-optimized" offering is very likely a hand-curated list of tablet apps that Google feels are worth featuring in their marketplace. The actual number of Android apps that run successfully on the Honeycomb tablet is much, much higher, and they do not run in 2x pixelzoom mode like iPhone apps do on iPad.

    I wish the Electronista/MacNN editors would stick to covering Apple and iPad news, because they really don't understand Android all that well.

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