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  1. LenE

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    Time to crush WebM

    MPEG-LA will have to stop threatening, and issue real law suits for infringement. Members of a consortium can be accused of being an oligopoly, which is legal, not a monopoly. They have the IP and it is attached to the de-facto openly developed standard. Now it is time to use it.

    Funny, when Google has a Microsoft-like share of search and online video content portals, and they decide to use this share to push their non-standard standard. They take advantage of useful idiots that parrot the "open" and "free" adjectives when WebM has been neither. Eric is using his cozy ties with the administration to lob the first volley with the ugliest of legal ogres in the entire country (the DoJ). Who is evil here?

    -- Len

  1. aristotles

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    Google seeks a monopoly on all information

    Google should be broken up like "Ma Bell" before it is too late.

  1. Zanziboy

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    Never Trust Google

    How dare the industry allow copyright laws and patents to stand in the way of the Google money machine!

  1. facebook_Geir

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    Not used to see people argue that the owners of a royalty based codec should crush the free alternative. Sure, Google is no knight in shining armor, but the MPEG LA is not that either.

    Frankly, I find Googles "Here is a free alternative, we won't support the royalty based one anymore" better than MPEG LA's mob-style "Use this, if you use the other we'll sue your arse off".

  1. wrenchy

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    The holy trinity

    It seems that "Apple" + "Microsoft" + "Antitrust" seem to go hand in hand these days...

    Oh I forgot... Apple is the new Microsoft!

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