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Xoom Wi-Fi tipped for March 27, Flash 10.2 leaks out

updated 12:20 pm EDT, Sun March 13, 2011

Xoom Wi-Fi gets Staples date, Flash 10.2 leak

Two hints have emerged that the Motorola Xoom might become more competitive soon. A leaked Staples flyer has the Wi-Fi version of the Xoom reaching stores on March 27. Droid-Life's copy also showed a $600 price, giving it a price on par with a 32GB iPad 2 but higher than the rumored Sam's Club price of $539.

The Android 3.0 tablet should be virtually the same as the one on sale with the exception of the removed 3G, but its $200 lower price could significantly increase its competitiveness in the market. Analysts have been predicting low initial sales due to Motorola's decision to lash the Xoom to Verizon, where the $800 price put it well above the prices for iPads. Apple will still have the advantage of a lower $500 entry price as well as less costly 3G versions.

Existing users meanwhile have successfully leaked an unfinished version of the Flash 10.2 beta (download sources one, two). The plugin works on Android 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0 devices and both gives the Xoom Flash for the first time and theoretically improves performance on earlier versions. Early reports have suggested that it works smoothly for standard definition video, but only if one Flash-enabled page is available. Full-screen Flash also works more smoothly since it dedicates full acceleration to Adobe's plugin.

On 3.0, Flash is also the first version to integrate directly into the website instead of being layered on top and creating conflicts with on-screen elements. Games and video still need to have interfaces optimized for touch to work properly with the Android port.

The unofficial release isn't necessarily reflective of even the beta, which is due March 18, and could see a speed up. No matter the changes, it should help Motorola by fulfilling promises the company had been making since unveiling the Xoom but which it will have been unable to fulfill for the first three weeks of sales.

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  1. facebook_Justin

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    comment title

    I'd rather have AIDS.

  1. Jittery Jimmy

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    Supply & Demand

    This is a simple supply and demand issue.

    Now that the iPad2 is out, very few people are looking to buy what amounts to an older device unless they get it at a real bargain.

    Since supply is way up (there are lots on the shelves, and they aren't moving), the only choice is to lower the price to push up the demand.

    This isn't a surprise - all older products lose demand. The Xoom is in need of an update, and Motorola is certainly going to release a new, much more capable Xoom in the coming months.

  1. xmlaroux

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    @Jittery Jimmy

    really? a new Xoom in a few months? This is a Wifi Xoom.. that is it. Android 3.0.1 is out now, and updates will happen all the time. This wifi only Xoom should have been out on the same day as 3G version, but all the Companies play with us users... Apple does it all the time as well. This is no Newer Xoom. Xoom is only 3 weeks old as it is. It will be quite a while before Motorola updates the Xoom. X-mas maybe at the earliest.

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