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Apple tells carriers no NFC for iPhone 5

updated 07:10 am EDT, Mon March 14, 2011

Lack of unified standard cited

Apple has reportedly told UK carriers that the its next-generation iPhone will not include Near Field Communication (NFC). It has been known for some time that Apple is interested in the technology and may plan to incorporate NFC into its devices at some point. However, according report by The Independent, it won't be incorporated into the iPhone 5 as Apple is concerned by a lack of a clear industry standard for the technology.

One area that Apple has staked its reputation on is the ability of its devices to "just work." Having NFC embedded in a device is only half of the equation. For such a system to work properly, it is important that any NFC-equipped device at point-of-sale is compatible with whatever version of the technology Apple may employ.

Apple has previously filed a patent for using NFC payments linked to a user's iTunes account in order to complete transactions negating the need for a user to pull out a credit card. Recent rumors had suggested that Apple might incorporate NFC into the iPad 2 as well, although this obviously did not come to fruition.

Based on reports from Apple's talks with UK carriers, it seems more likely that Apple will introduce NFC technology in 2012 when more consistent NFC protocols emerge in the marketplace. [via 9TO5Mac]

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  1. MyJelleo

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    comment title

    "However, according report by The Independent, it won’t be incorporated into the iPhone 5 as Apple is concerned by a lack of a clear industry standard for the technology.:

    Won't Apple just set a standard like it has done for so many other products? I don't see that being a reason that would hold them back from deploying such technology. If it is not released with iPhone 5, it will most likely be for other reasons, such as technical difficulties.

  1. testudo

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    Won't Apple just set a standard like it has done for so many other products?

    No, because they have very little history 'setting a standard'. They've tried it with MiniDisplayPort, ADC, HD-DVD (before they decided physical media was dead) and I'm sure other things. None caught on. People keep bringing up USB, but they didn't set the standard, they used a standard, so at best the popularized it.

    But I'm sure people here will tell me the 100 things apple has set the standard for.

  1. charlituna

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    rumors about rumors

    what a laugh. We have a rumor refuting a rumor

    as for the patent. just cause that is what they filed doesn't mean that is how it would play out. or the only way it might play out.

    On the other question, right now NFC is in the Blu-Ray v HD stage. It actually makes sense that Apple might prefer to wait until that issue is settled before diving in. Sort of like waiting until there's an actual LTE network for iphone to connect to.

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