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Weekend iPad 2 sales may hit close to 1 million

updated 04:20 pm EDT, Mon March 14, 2011

Some Best Buy stores ran dry in 10 minutes

The iPad 2's launch weekend sales could peak "closer to 1 million," suggests Wedbush Securities analyst Scott Sutherland. Most analysts have been conservative by comparison, arguing that sales will slot somewhere in excess of 500,000. Reuters notes however that on Friday, Best Buy said that some of its outlets ran out of tablets and accessories in as little as 10 minutes.

Still more sellouts are claimed by Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White. "Our field checks over the weekend indicate that the iPad 2 sold out at every Apple and non-Apple store we contacted," he says. "In fact, all the stores had worked through iPad 2 inventory by Saturday afternoon, and there were no new iPad 2 deliveries on Sunday."

Some Apple Stores may get new stock today, and open early on Tuesday to make it accessible. Apple has yet to reveal how many iPad 2s have been sold since Friday, except to say that demand was "amazing." If the total does hit 1 million, it will mark a dramatically faster pace than that of the iPad 1, which cracked the million-unit threshold in 28 days.


By Electronista Staff
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  1. Bobfozz

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jul 2008


    Galaxy and Xoom

    Dream on guys. Apple BUILT their infrastructure with: stores, iTunes, enviable publicity, and great products all without the help of tech-head complainers or those who love to write about, this project was planned a long time ago, before the iPhones. What are the "It's just a big iPhone" guys saying now and why is everyone on the "other side" so exasperated? You guys are simply Apple haters. For years you liked sticking it to us PC-haters (even though we all used them at one time or another). How's it feel?

    I hardly hear anything about Dell anymore either.

  1. ggirton

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    I have a dell computer. It has more memory than an iPad. Way more. So there.

  1. macnnoel

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    The downside with the current method of reaching new customers so far is the number of iPad 2s that have ended up on eBay, being sold at ridiculously high premium. These new "customers" have no vested interest in the iPad, only profit to be made.

    My point is, mac loyalists who cannot wait for Apple to "ramp up" may end up being penalized for liking the platform too much.

  1. Jeronimo2000

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    One million

    Last year, Apple could have reached that 1 million milestone with the iPad 1 much, much sooner than after 28 days... if they had produced enough units. Demand was much higher than supply, because Apple wasn't stupid enough to pre-produce millions and millions of a relatively new class of product.

    This year around, things are different. Most likely, Apple has ramped up production much earlier and has a couple warehouses worth of iPad 2's ready to ship. Probably still not enough to meet demand within the first couple of weeks, but what people seem to forget sometimes: if you want to make 2 million iPads, you need someone to supply you with 2 million screens, 2 million batteries, a big heap of screws etc.

    But no, people say Apple is generating demand artifically by knowingly producing less units than they could ship. Because, let's face it: it makes perfect sense for Apple to say "Hello customer, we will p*ss you off now by NOT selling you an iPad, so that you come back later and buy an iPad". Yes, that's how it has to be.

  1. 001

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    Joined: Dec 2010


    How many Xooms?

    Anyone know how many Xooms have been sold since its release?

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