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Rumored iPhone 5 cases show conservative design

updated 04:45 pm EDT, Wed March 16, 2011

iPhone 5 case rumor shows safe design

One of the first of likely many iPhone 5 case leaks emerged on Wednesday with possible signs of a superficially conservative update. The prototypes, reportedly based on an Apple-supplied mockup, show a virtually identical design to the iPhone 4, including the locations of the camera, micro SIM slot and volume buttons. MacBidouille didn't glean whether or not the dimensions had changed.

The casing wouldn't automatically lead to a lack of externally visible changes. Rumors have persisted of a use the dual-core A5. It may use an eight-megapixel camera and carry 64GB of storage.

Case manufacturers in China are known to regularly get information about Apple device design in advance and accurately got the shape of the iPad 2 months early. The information has often been leaked out by factory staff willing to be paid off for violating Apple's non-disclosure deals.

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  1. Herod

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jun 2007


    why would they?

    the iphone 4 is already selling like hotcakes. why redesign the thing so much?

  1. tonton

    Senior User

    Joined: Mar 2001


    Why redesign?

    So that people who already own the iPhone 4 will want to upgrade to the iPhone 5!

    Also, there are many people who don't like the blockiness of the iPhone 4, and a curvier iPhone 5 would bring in more interest.

    Third: to stay ahead of the competition by constantly changing what's "cool".

  1. WiseWeasel

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    Personally, as a 3Gs owner, I don't like how fragile the iPhone 4 is, and the fact that you must absolutely keep it in a case or risk shattering the front or back with a minor 2-3 foot spill, something my 3Gs has survived countless times relatively unscathed, and I've never kept it in a case since I bought it. There should not be glass going right up to the edge of the device like that; it should be recessed and protected by an overlapping band around the edge.

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