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Microsoft may be targeting new Xbox hardware for 2015

updated 09:00 am EDT, Mon March 21, 2011

Microsoft Xbox hardware rumored for 2015

Microsoft might not have genuinely new Xbox hardware for another four years, according to discoveries. A profile for designer Ben Peterson mentions work for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business that would be "investigating future user experiences and hardware for 2015." A teaser shot shows a brief glimpse of what's supposedly being worked on, although it doesn't provide any clear indication of what would be made.

The project is secretive, and samples would only be available in person, Peterson said. If a real project, Peterson likely wouldn't have any liberty to discuss his work at all due to secrecy, which he acknowledges by referring to it as "confidential."

It's unknown if the console is an entirely new Xbox or a peripheral. Microsoft has always hinted that the Xbox 360 would have a long development cycle but has never said when it would expect a revamp. The 2015 date would keep the Xbox 360 on the market for a full decade, making it one of the longest-serving consoles to represent the current generation.

Sony often has kept its own consoles for a decade, but only after having introduced its replacement five years later. The PS3 may get a longer life cycle as well, but a 2015 time frame could leave Sony an opportunity to ship first. [via ZDNet]

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  1. JuanGuapo

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    Xbox was Microsoft's iPhone

    It was a runaway success by almost every measure, especially when you consider the quality issues. It is still out-selling it's competition.

    I have two theories for this....

    a) It pays to be out of the gate first, period. the 360 was out of the gate a full year before the PS3 was. Sony took way too long to launch the PS3 at a higher price point. It was a bold move (which eventually paid off) to put the BD drive in the PS3 but at the cost of much-needed marketshare--this in turn made it more expensive, alienating their customer base. A handful of friends who were PS2 owners and went 360 simply because of this exact scenario of price coupled with launch timing. The part that knocks me over is that even with the massive console failures of the Xbox 360, people don't stop buying them, presumeably because of their existing investment in software, or my second thory.....

    b) Xbox Live. Anyone who is worth their salt will tell you that there is almost zero comparison between Xbox Live (XBL) and Playstation Network (PSN). PSN isn't even like "Diet XBL" because so many features are lacking. The Playstation Plus (PSN+) subscription is undoubtedly a better "value" because of all the free c*** you get but in terms of multiplayer functionality it's not even close to XBL. However, PSN has one thing over XBL--it's free--so the whole argument of which one is better is almost moot. PSN+ is perhaps a better comparison but even with all the great/wonderful nicities of PSN+, it's severely lacking compared to XBL. XBL is what sells Xbox 360s--period.

    I'm not wholly one-sided on this, I own all three systems and prefer the PS3 to the Xbox 360 simply because of the exclusives and the BD drive. I rarely use my 360 except for exclusives and if most ppl I know are buying the 360 version of a title simply for use on XBL.

  1. samirsshah

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    and not consoles...

    Consoles are dead with the coming graphics prowess of tablets...

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