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Kodak may reap $1b on Friday if Apple, RIM verdict reviewed

updated 09:15 am EDT, Fri March 25, 2011

Kodak to learn fate of suit vs. Apple, RIM today

Kodak chief Antonio Perez in a talk late Thursday said he still hoped to reap over $1 billion in revenue on Friday from its patent complaint against Apple and RIM. An ITC verdict in the phone camera dispute is due to be delivered at 5PM Eastern on Friday that would determine whether it will rethink a dismissal of Kodak's complaints. Perez told Bloomberg he believed his company "deserved to win," though he didn't qualify the answer.

He would likely be counting on the verdicts the ITC voting in favor of Kodak for its earlier LG and Samsung challenges. The decision could determine whether or not a related lawsuit will go ahead, since a final ITC determination that the BlackBerry and iPhone didn't violate the patents could effectively end the civil court case.

Increasingly, Kodak has turned to lawsuits as a major source of income as compensation for failures in its core business. Its revenue of $7.2 billion in 2010 was half of what it made just in 2005, and about 12 percent of that, $838 million, was from patent royalties. The firm didn't successfully make the transition from film to digital and has mostly relied on low-end compact cameras and printers indistinguishable from rivals.

Apple and RIM together have countersued Kodak and lodged ITC complaints as bargaining chips to either force a settlement or punish Kodak for bringing up the lawsuit. The use as a negotiating tactic wouldn't be necessary if the ITC upholds the earlier verdict.

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  1. sammaffei

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    That's usually the last gasp

    Companies that are going under, usually try patent suits to salvage their business.

    Atari did this to Sega in the mid 90s and won. But, alas, it was not enough to save the company in the end.

    Kodak missed the digital photo revolution and has been playing catchup ever since.

  1. macnews1

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    Oh Kodak

    Way back in the film era, Kodak gave up on high end cameras and focused on disposable products. Be it cheap instamatics, disposable all in one cameras or film Kodak was looking for reliable ways to bring in revenue. Back in the days of film, that was a very good strategy. People needed film and developing along with a camera. Unfortunately for Kodak their reliance on the old ways kept them from jumping on creating the new "digital disposable" like SD or CF cards and cheaper cameras. It is a shame too because they have had some good digital offerings back in the day but those were few and far between and certainly not price competitive. It seems like they gave up and now are relying on their old patents.

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